Was the Death of Kenneka Jenkins a Tragic Accident or ‘Cold’ Blooded Murder?

On September 09, 2017 police find the body of Kenneka Jenkins inside a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza, Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont Illinois. Police say it was an accident, but other’s aren’t so sure.

There were at least 36 party-goers coming in and out of room 926 of the Crowne Plaza in Rosemont on Friday night for Irene Robert’s birthday party. One of these individuals included 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins who arrived at 1:13 am and tragically she would be dead just a few hours later.

Multiple witnesses told police that Jenkins was drinking Cognac and became heavily intoxicated even though in one Facebook Live video you can hear her say the words, “I’m not drunk” which is what many of us say when we are way too drunk. Autopsy reports show that Kennaka’s BAC was .112 and CCTV shows her stumbling through the hotel.

Kenneka wandered away from her group after friends left her alone in the hotel lobby. Worried and concerned friends call Kenneka’s mother, Teresa Martin at 4:20 am and inform her that her daughter is drunk and missing. These friends, and the mother once she arrived, began knocking on random doors hoping to find Kenneka which resulted in hotel staff calling 911 to report to the police that their guest were being disturbed.

The autopsy performed on Kenneka’s body showed that her death was purely accidental and showed no signs of trauma.

There were traces of an epilepsy drug Topamax found in her system, and pathologist found that this drug sped up hypothermia in the body and amplified Kenneka’s drunk state.

To read all of the police files yourself go here – https://villageofrosemont.app.box.com/s/zzokoiwo458b1eanwci0khwge6of6fcn

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  • https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/topiramate-addiction/topiramate-and-alcohol/
    It says confusion, memory loss and other terrible reactions.

  • I do not see talking the murder part of this but instead just saying what the police want us to hear. So was she murdered or was it just an accident? I would love to look into this further. I will ask the Police if they know something. Usually they will be caught off guard and say something they didn’t know they were saying.

  • I think this was completely a drunk accident. Clearly in all the cct she was observed alone. She did not have any trauma to her body, or a substantial amount of random drugs. The combo between the seizure drug and the alcohol had a profound effect. It was a accident. No foul play… Surprised you will able to obtain the photos of her in the actual freezer… Kinda graphic… I guess good job (?). Some people will not be satisfied with a police investigation no matter how complete and thorough the was…

    • I feel as if you wrong cause like her mother said you cant get stuck in a freezer with out some body on the outside trying to lock you in. Also when the police said they found her they where lying a worker found her but my question was if nobody used the freezer how did the worker find her cause ain’t nobody just finna say let me look in the empty freezer.

  • if you were really drunk you would be really weak and that freezer door was about 200 pounds so do you really think she could open a 200 pound door i think not.

  • this case just dont add up how could she be that drunk and be able to close a door somebody had to kill her

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