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The Strange Disappearance of Kimberly McAndrew

When someone goes missing, it is very rare for them to leave absolutely nothing behind. In most missing person cases, police can find something that might explain where the person went. Even if they don’t find the person themselves, there is at least a hint. With Kimberly McAndrew, police could find nothing that would explain where the young woman ended up going. It is as if she literally disappeared without a trace. For this story, the only potential way to find someone at fault would be for the person who did it to come forward and admit to the crime. In this post, we will dive into this mysterious disappearance and its alarming lack of evidence.

kimberly mcandrew disappearance

Who Was Kimberly McAndrew?

In every way, Kimberly was a typical nineteen-year-old Canadian woman. According to her friends and family, Kimberly was sweet and not adventurous. She wasn’t as daring as some other girls, but she had a sweet temperament and was easy to like. Police described her as average and petite in build. That she had braces that would have to be removed in only a few days only seemed to add to her sweet charm. Kimberly liked to spend time with her friends and family and was a hard worker.

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Her Plans For The Evening

When someone intends to disappear, it is fairly uncommon for them to make plans for when they do so. Kimberly, lacking an adventurous nature, was more interested in spending an evening having fun than she was in running away to leave her life behind. That evening, Kimberly was on her way to a festival with her sister and their boyfriends. She and her sister were close, and Kimberly was absolutely enthralled with her boyfriend. In fact, Kimberly would have to be picked up by her sister after work so they could get started with their evening of fun. They would cancel these plans when Kimberly vanished.

The Last Time She Was Seen

Kimberly’s sister and their boyfriends had planned to pick her up from work that afternoon. Back in 1989, there was no ready availability of cell phones, which meant that Kimberly did not inform her sister and the boys when her plans ultimately changed. Though Kimberly had given them a time to pick her up, everything changed when her boss told her she could clock out early. Whether a need to get on with her weekend drove it or she did not want to wait, Kimberly left on foot. Her boss told her to have a good time, and she was out the door. This was the last confirmed sighting of Kimberly.

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The Disappearance

Kimberly left work and was never seen again, which leaves many wondering where exactly she went. It was determined that Kimberly only lived about a fifteen-minute walk away. It was a manageable distance to cover, but according to her sister, it was a walk that Kimberly rarely liked to make alone. It is unclear if she just walked because it would be faster or if she knew that no one was available. All we know is that Kimberly left work on foot and was never seen again.

What Happened?

The most maddening part is that police could not find any information that would help them locate Kimberly. It was as if she well and truly disappeared from the face of the earth. This has left officers to presume that Kimberly never made it out of the parking lot. The running theory is that someone spotted her and abducted her on the spot directly from the parking lot. Since she was truly never seen again and the only witness who claimed to see her was disproven, she has been kept out of sight completely. Her family also strongly believes that she was abducted and likely killed.

Finding Kimberly

At the time where Kimberly disappeared, there was no evidence to help police locate her. Though two known criminals were in the area, no one has ever confessed to ever interacting with Kimberly. Her family was heartbroken and continued to search for evidence of where she went, but nothing ever came to fruition. Kimberly disappeared, never to be heard from again.




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