Was Sex Cam Mom, Kitty Kat West, Murdered By Jealous Husband?

Published on July 8, 2018

On January 13, 2018, Kathleen West, known a neighbor driving to work, found to her online community as “Kitty Kat West”, deceased outside of her Calera home. Kitty’s husband, Jeff West, was accused of bludgeoning his wife with an Absinthe bottle after the couple experienced a tumultuous time in their relationship. Jeff still keeps his innocence. Was Kitty Kat West murdered?

Cam Mom

Kathleen “Kat” Dawn West was living in her prime and not afraid to let anyone know about it. This blonde and beautiful stay-at-home mother had created a budding online business for herself using the popular membership platform OnlyFans.

While many people who knew Kathleen West would consider her online business risque, or even immoral, she seemed to truly enjoy working for herself.
Kitty Kat, 42, had married a former Army recruiter, Jeff West, 47, in 2004 after dating four months. The couple quickly fell in love and anyone can see looking through the couple’s photos that the couple had a wonderful connection with each other. In 2005, they were blessed with a daughter, which they named Lola.

Routine Date Night

On January 12, 2018, Kathleen and her husband Jeff dropped Lola off at Jeff’s parents while they went on their routine date night. The couple went to dinner and was then spotted (on CCTV) at a local liquor store where they purchased a bottle of Lucid Absinthe and headed home to continue drinking.

Jeff West’s Instagram post provides authorities with a brief glimpse of how their night continued. Basically more drinks, shots of absinthe, and at some point Jeff took photos of his wife who wanted to post some exclusive new photos for her OnlyFans members.

After this Jeff West claims that he went to sleep around 10:30 pm, because he had to be at work early the next morning. Jeff worked as a campus police officer.
According to Kathleen’s Fitbit’s health data, she died between 10:45 pm and 10:54 pm, after Jeff claimed he was in bed.

Nude In The Street

Jeff West claims, even today, that he had nothing to do with his wife’s death. Kathleen had been bludgened to death with the Lucid absinthe bottle, although Jeff claims that his wife most likely fell and hit her head, something that could easily happen as his wife loved to “walk outside in just underwear, up and down the street.” Jeff also told police that Kathleen would even “twirl around in the backyard” and even jump on the trampoline while intoxicated.

The Calera Police Department believe, however, that Kathleen suffered a blow to the head from her husband, which would explain the two pools of blood on the ground near her body (showing that someone moved the body after death.) Also, the location of Kathleen’s cellphone and the positioning of the absinthe bottle showed, to police, that the scene was staged.
Kitty Kat’s BAC was .23.

Family Problems

At Jeff West’s trial jurors were presented several of the couple’s text messages sent before Kathleen’s death. One from Kat read, “Show me now, or it’s goodbye. No more games. I’M NEVER DOING THIS HOLIDAY AGAIN WITH YOU. It goes the same every year. My fam treats you like FAMILY. Your mom treats me like shut (sic). I’m done with you being a to (sic) scared to stand up to your mom for being a bitch, after almost 14 years f promises. I love you. You don’t love me.”
Many people believe these messages were nothing that any other married couple may send to each other and there is nothing within these that proves that Jeff actually killed his wife.

Justice for Jeff

It’s interesting to know that even Kathleen West’s parents claim that their son-in-law was innocent, loved their daughter, and would never hurt her. Also, Lola West, 15 when her father was sentenced, pleaded to the judge for the full release of her father saying, “He has always been my shield against the world,” she told the judge. “Please give me my father back as soon as possible.”

After a four-day trial Jeff West was convicted of manslaughter, where he is now serving a fifteen-year sentence for the murder of his wife.
What do you think? Is Jeff West really innocent?

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