Why An Illegal Immigrant Accused of Brutally Murdering UGA Nursing Student Was Released by ICE Multiple Times

Why An Illegal Immigrant Accused of Brutally Murdering UGA Nursing Student Was Released by ICE Multiple Times

Laken Riley, a former Alpha Ki Omega sorority member at the University of Georgia who had transferred to Augusta University to complete her nursing degree, was tragically murdered on while on her morning run. Her friend called 911 at noon to report her missing. Shockingly, her murder occurred just one day after a suicide on the Augusta University campus.

Brutal Attack and Attempt to Conceal the Crime

The suspect, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, was arrested in Athens, Georgia. Court documents reveal the brutality of the crime, stating that Ibarra used “an object” to harm Riley, “disfiguring her skull” with blunt force trauma. He then allegedly dragged her body to conceal the death.Disturbingly, Riley’s phone called 911 during the attack, capturing her death on the recording. However, police have stated “no dialogue exists” on the call and have not released it as it is part of the ongoing investigation.

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Suspect’s Criminal History and Illegal Border Crossings

Ibarra, it turns out, had been previously arrested in New York City in September 2023 on charges of “acting in a manner to injure a child” and a motor vehicle license violation. His wife expressed disbelief, saying “I have a lot of faith that this wasn’t him, that there was a misunderstanding somewhere. But if he did, he has to pay for what he did, truly.” Immigration records show Ibarra had crossed illegally into the U.S. from Mexico twice in April 2023, first near Eagle Pass, Texas on April 3rd before being returned to Mexico. He re-entered 27 days later on April 30th with 4 other males. Shockingly, after assaulting a federal agent during this encounter, he was released without prosecution.

Gang affiliation tattoos including teardrops. Source.

Released Despite Crimes and Violations

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