Linda Ann O’Keefe

On July 6, 1973 at approximately 1:00 PM, Linda Ann O’Keefe, 13, disappeared from the Corona del Mar area near Newport Beach.

A witness observed a child, matching the description of Linda, get into a late model turquoise van.

The UNSUB has been described as a Caucasian male, between 24-30, brown curly hair, and small droopy eyes.

Linda’s body was found thrown in a ditch a couple hundred yards from her home.

  • Honestly, I think that would be really cool to try out. I feel like speaking in the persons shoes makes it more personal, but it will make it probably more emotional if people can handle that. Hearing these be read out loud are tugging my heart strings. I feel like it makes people more empathetic in a sense

    • I totally would’ve walked around the property, but like there were a lot of people walking around and also it was COLD AS BALLS #polarvortex #neverforget

  • I think she would be 46 if she was 11 in 73, but math isn’t my strong suit either. 

    Also happy early birthday! I will have to send you guys some gifts when I get the rest of my bills paid haha

  • I think that something that is really sad, is that back in the day, leaving doors unlocked, being out late, just kind of doing whatever was normal. I think that it really sucks because I don’t feel like children really knew better because they didn’t have to be home by a certain time and the sad reality of it is that a lot of people wouldn’t even think of their kid going missing or being killed because them not showing up on time happened a lot. 

  • She’d be 57 today.

    1973- 11 (because she was 11) = she was born in 1962….. 

    2019-1962 = 57

    BOOM math

    sooooooooooo 57 🙂 

    sorry I really just like math


  • Becca – totally agree with you about the difference of the times – no cell phones, no where to be, and able to walk around… totally different time


    Lauren! We can’t even do math with a calculator!!   Thank you for solving our math problems

  • Ehhh… the real guys is really heavy in the face. I don’t know if they really look the same. Maybe eyes and a little bit of the nose, but it could’ve just been a bad sketch.

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