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The Strange Call With A Fake Accent That Lure Realtor Lindsay Buziak To Her Brutal Stabbing Death

Lindsay Buziak was a hardworking twenty-four-year-old who was excelling at her career, in a loving relationship, and living her best life. This beautiful youthful spirit was an inspiration to those around her, which is why it came a shock when someone brutally snuffed out her life. Lindsay Buziak went to a showing at a nearby home. This is the last time anyone has talked to her alive. After finding a way into the home where she went missing, her boyfriend reportedly found her dead body. Someone had stabbed Lindsay over forty times, showing some genuine passion behind the killing. So what really happened?

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The murder of Lindsay Buziak is an unsolved case that still considered active over twelve years despite cries from her family and a wide range of media attention. Though there are many theories surrounding what happened to Lindsay, police have proven none true. What we know is that immediately surrounding the events of Lindsay’s death, several things happened. First, Lindsay received a call to view a local home in the area. Immediately, something about the call did not seem to feel right and Lindsay said that it almost sounded like the individual who was calling was faking an accent. Though pranksters were an option, Lindsay must have felt a little worried about the meeting because she asked her boyfriend to attend the showing with her.

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Lindsay’s boyfriend, Jason Zailo, had agreed to meet Lindsay with a friend. The two of friends arrived late to the house and Lindsay had already entered. Zailo reported that he had seen a couple looking out from the doorway, but he nor the friend approached the couple. Instead, there is a trail of text messages and calls with Zailo reportedly asking Lindsay if she was all right. Lindsay did not respond. Her last message to her boyfriend was that the couple had arrived. Jason Zailo and his friend called police to report that they could not get a hold of Lindsay. They found a way into the house through a back door and began searching. Upstairs, they found Lindsay’s body. A few things stand out about this crime. First, there is the fact that police only briefly looked at Jason Zailo and his friend as the potential killers. Many think there is something a little strange about the fact that they were meant to be there when the murder occurred and conveniently showed up after. Others find it odd that they did not approach the couple upon seeing them, particularly since they knew of Lindsay’s situation. Still, police immediately cleared them and began their investigation.

The results of the police investigation raised more questions than answers. The crime scene of the killing was shockingly perfect by police standards. Every element surrounding the murder seemed perfectly staged. This kind of premeditated killing happens, but these killers went to some extreme lengths to make sure they got away with it. Police later discovered the phone used to make the call to Lindsay to set up the meeting was a burner phone. The investigation proved that Lindsay was undoubtedly lured to the home where she would be killed, and planning and effort even convinced the local police that someone might have hired a contracted killer to end Lindsay’s life. The question is: who did it?

I can’t imagine who would want such a sweet girl dead, but Lindsay’s family has their own suspicions. According to her father, Jeff Buziak, Lindsay was breaking up with Jason Zailo. Worse, Lindsay worked for Jason’s mother and had plans to leave the real estate agency and pursue another avenue. Many people speculate that the local police dropped the ball on Lindsay’s murder, but to this day, no one has been charged for the brutally planned murder of this Lindsay Buziak.


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