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The Mysterious Deaths of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

Friends traveling the world is a theme that we all know well. Everyone loves the idea of heading out with their best friend for fun, exploration, and exciting life lessons. It is the exact kind of trip that all young people imagine taking. Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon decided to do exactly that. These two bright young ladies wanted an adventure, which is why they worked hard to save up for an exciting six-week trip to Panama. It was a trip that was meant to help them learn, grow, and celebrate. Instead, it became the cause of their deaths.

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Exploring Panama

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon wanted to see Panama in all of its glory. Growing up as two girls from the Netherlands, these college students knew that they wanted to see more. They took every step to prepare the perfect trip and decided to make every moment count. They arranged to stay with a local family and began the trip of a lifetime. Their days were spent walking, exploring, meeting new people, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Their Final Walk

The two young women decided that it would be nice to venture off on a nice long walk. Their host family allowed them to take the family dog, and the girls headed out for a new day of adventure. Unfortunately, the host family would later realize that something had gone terribly wrong. Not only did the girls fail to return, but the family’s dog appeared back home without the girls in tow. Immediately, an investigation was carried out to locate the now missing young women.

The Bag

A few months after the girls went missing, a woman located a bag. The bag was filled with personal property, including a bit of money, a passport, and various other personal artifacts. Despite being found near the river, everything inside of the bag was dry and perfectly preserved. The woman turned the bag over to authorities and it was determined that the bag belonged to Lisanne Froon.

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The Cell Phones

Inside the bag were two cell phones, each one belonging to one of the missing girls. A couple of hours into their walk, the girls had begun to frantically call the local emergency number. Given the natural area, cell phone service was notoriously terrible. Despite over eighty total attempts to contact police, the girls were unable to reach them. At times the phone would connect briefly before the call was lost. Eventually, the phones were either turned off or died naturally. However, timestamps show that the girls had turned the phones off and on, likely hoping to preserve battery until they could get to a location where the police could be reached.

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The Camera

If you can imagine the fear of two young women who are out in the wilderness and unable to contact the local authorities, you can imagine the terror of being left out in the dark in an unknown place. We know that the girls were trying to preserve their phone batteries by only using them to make calls to the authorities. For this reason, it is likely that they did not use them for light. Instead, as the darkness began to take hold, the young women appeared to use a camera to light their way.

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The camera located in the bag had over ninety photos taken. There was nothing in the photos that looked particularly threatening or concerning. In fact, they were quite average. However, based on the random images taken using the camera’s flash, police were able to determine that the girls were likely using the camera flash to light up the pitch-black wilderness.

The Bodies

Despite the family’s hopes that the girls would be returned, ultimately police found their bodies. Following the river, they were able to locate the remains of both girls. Despite the autopsies conducted, police were unable to determine how the girls had actually died. However, the local police strongly believe that they were likely killed in the river. Pieces of the bodies and bones were found and tested, revealing that the girls had ultimately found their resting place in the water.

The Case

To this day, no one knows what happened to these bright young women. Some people speculate that they were found, killed, and dumped in the river. Others think that one of them had fallen in, likely causing the other to attempt to help. In instances like this, it is quite common for people to be dragged to their death after hitting rocks. Ultimately, the bodies were cleaned of all evidence. Very little remaining flesh was found, but police were able to locate clothing from the girls next to the river. It is one case that will likely never be solved.


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