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The Seriously Crazy, But Totally True, Story of Liver-Eating Johnston!!

Whoa, what a crazy freaking story. I wonder why the story of John Johnston isn’t more well known. 🤔 Most of the sources for this episode came from The Crow Killer book. I decided to start this story with the brutal murder of The Swan (John Johnston’s wife) by a group of Crow Indians. Johnston earns his title ‘liver-eater’ after finding his wife raped, murdered, and scalped by the Indians. Johnston swears an oath of vengeance on the entire Crow Indian nation and soon becomes a specter of horror and death for all those unfortunate enough to cross his path. This is an excellent story and I really hope you guys enjoy it!

HOSTED BY: Jonathan Perry, Nicole LaPorte, & Jen Collins

PRODUCED BY: Jonathan Perry // Talkocast, LLC.

SOURCES USED: The Crow Killer book

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Photos of John Johnston

Photos of the Flathead Indian Tribe

V0031172 Cranial deformation: two skulls of Flathead Indians
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome

17:30 – John Johnston’s cabin

20:30 – Beaver hat craze

23:30 – Map of Indian territory in Wyoming at the time

Crow Indians

The memorial of Liver-Eating Johnston


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