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Lucy Letby, Children’s Nurse, Charged With Murdering Eight Babies and Trying to Murder Ten More

Children’s nurse Lucy Letby was arrested on November 10th, 2020 and charged with the murder of eight neonatal babies and the attempted murder of ten more. The 30-year-old has word at the Countess of Chester Hospital for several years and was arrested twice before in connection to the same murder charge since 2018.

A years-long investigation of the hospital noted that several tots “collapsed” or were “surprisingly unresponsive to resuscitation” and many even displayed “sudden mottling“. It is possible that Letby used a deadly drug to kill the infants, but toxicology reports, blood electrolytes, or blood sugar test were never performed on any of the babies during routine autopsies.

Nurse Lucy Letby started working at the Chester and District Standard in 2013 after her graduation. She trained with Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation and Trust, caring for babies “requiring various levels of support.” Letby was an honours graduate in 2011, getting a BSc in child nursing.

Letby’s arrest shocked both her family and friends. The Times of London reported she was “quite awkward and geeky but seemed like a kindhearted person. Her co-workers adored Lucy, often referred to as the “Champion of Kiddies” Lucy was instrumental in a fundraising campaign for an expensive baby unit at her hospital. She told The Chester District and Standard that, “I hope the new unit will provide a greater degree of privacy and space.” One of Letby’s friends recalled, “Lucy was doing the job she dreamed of doing and appeared nothing but dedicated and professional. You can’t imagine her hurting a fly let alone defenseless babies.”

Lucy Letby’s victims have been identified as Cemlyn Bennett, Maddie Freed, Barney Gee, Eli Gelder, Joseph Gelder, Joseph Johnson, Elsie McNall, and Daisy Parkin.

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