The Mica Miller Case: Initial Timeline Of Events

The Mica Miller Case: Initial Timeline Of Events

Jonny explores the ongoing investigation into the death of Micah Miller, a pastor's wife in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The case has gained significant attention due to social media platforms like TikTok, with some suspecting foul play in her death, which is currently being investigated as a suicide.

We however express skepticism about this conclusion and discusses the strange occurrences leading up to her death, including the discovery of a tracking device on her car and harassment.

We also share a 911 call made by Mica before her death, where she expressed concerns about being tracked and mentioned suicide. The case involves allegations of theft from her church, which may have contributed to her distress.

Former Solid Rock Pastor Bernard Kenderson has come forward with disturbing details about John Paul Miller, Micah's husband, including documented abuse and inappropriate behavior following her death. The video also mentions ongoing investigations on social media platforms and the speaker's plans to continue covering the case in upcoming episodes.