TM2M Specials: The Tragic Story of Sgt. Michael Chesna & Vera Adams

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Hey guys, this story was super depressing, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

First, big shout out to our new Talkos, Tony (sorry about the Pentecostal thing), Presley, and Danielle!

Remains found behind grocery store cooler ID’d as those of worker missing for 10 years

Great bio of Sgt. Michael Chesna at

Good source for photos about this case is here

Scanner audio (police blotter) clips I found and used in the episode

Nursing Student Mary Cronin, Girlfriend Of Weymouth Cop Killer, Was At Scene Of The Crime On 911 Tapes, Didn’t Report Mom’s Car Stolen Until After Crash

One of Emanuel Lopes (killer) Instagram pages

One of Emanuel Lopes Twitter pages

Cindy Chesna (widow) shouts at killer in court room


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Talko Supremo

Jen, The reason there’s a growing movement that is anti-police is because our current policing system is broken (like many of our institutions).   There are numerous studies proving that people of color and lower income people are often targeted by police (you’re more likely to be pulled over as a PoC than a white person).     The police who do thing like kill pets, use excessive force and those who kill citizens for things like selling loose cigarettes most often don’t face the consequences that say, you or I would if we did the same… Read more »

Talko Supremo

Sorry for the OT- it was in response to Jens comments during this podcast, not the actual murders discussed in this ep

Anthony Jochimsen
Talko Supremo
Anthony Jochimsen

Crazy story, and so sad. Jen mentioning firefighters and police officers brought to mind a story that happened about a mile from my house. Police were called to the bus station because a man had over dosed on some type of drug. The man was given Narcan and revived. Moments later he began shooting at police officers who successfully shot him down, but not before he shot and killed Appleton Firefighter Mitchell Lundgaard, who had just saved the mans life. Like you touched on in your story, it was touching to see the community rally around Lundgaards wife and young… Read more »

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