Killing The Un-killable Irishman Michael Malloy

The official cause of death given to Michael Malloy, an Irish drunkard, was lobar pneumonia, however this was the fifth time the ‘Murder Trust’ attempted to take his life. To finally kill the “durable Mike” Malloy the four conspirators placed a gas get over Malloy’s mouth, wrapped with a towel to prevent the nitrous gas from escaping his lungs. Even this method of human extermination took a whole fifteen minutes to kill the Irish legend.

Michael Malloy death photo.

Not much is known about Michael Malloy except that he was a “human derelict”, and a once engineer who died an early death at forty-years-old. According to many sources he was a bum “useless to himself or anyone else alive”, and would beg for drinks at the local speakeasy.

The conspirators from left to right (Frank Pasqua (undertaker), Joseph Murphy (bartender), Anthony Marino (speakeasy owner), and Daniel Kriesberg (fruit dealer).

After taking out an insurance policy on Michael Malloy, the gang tried many times to kill him including alcohol poison, raw oysters, a speeding car, and even freezing him on a park bench.

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