Why Is The Missy Bevers Murder Case Still Unsolved?!!?

    Here we have a bizarre murder case that should have been solved by now.


    Fitness instructor and mother of three, Terri “Missy” Bevers, 45, was brutally stabbed to death inside a Texas church shortly before she was scheduled to lead an early morning fitness class on April 18, 2016.

    Just minutes before her death around 4: am the Creekside Church of Christ motion-activated security cameras
    On April 18, 2016, a CCTV video at the recorded the following video.

    The killer is oddly dressed in full SWAT gear, and the hammer he or she is wielding becomes the ultimate murder weapon used to bludgeon Missy to death.

    According to police, Bevers died of “multiple puncture wounds” to her head and chest consistent with what the suspect on surveillance was seen carrying.


    • As a fitness trainer, Missy would teach 5 am classes at the community church. (she was murdered shortly before one of these classes)
    • Missy was also a married mother of three and very active in the community.
    • Missy and her husband, Brandon Bevers, were reported to have both financial and marital issues.
    • Brandon was 600 miles away on a fishing trip during the murder.
    • The killer can be anywhere between 5 ft 2 in and 5 ft 7 in.
    • Killer has a distinctive walking gait (notice the persons right foot in the video)
    • A 2010- 2012 Nissan Altima (not yet identified) was seen driving through the parking hours before the murder. Entered 1:58am and exited 2:04am (See video)


    • A burglar – I would not consider a burglar to be a plausible killer, even though it is thought that the person in the video was smashing the glass and opening doors to possible make it look like a break-in, however, this was at 4: am.
    • The husband Brandon Beavers – has been ruled out due to him being 600 miles away on a fishing trip at the time.
    • Randy Bevers (Missy’s father-in-law) – everything points to Randy, such as:
    1. A few days after Missy was murdered, Randy Bevers was noticed bringing a blood-stained shirt to the cleaners, a woman’s XXL t-shirt. Randy claimed it was blood from a dog injury; supposedly, his vet confirmed the story.
    2. Randy is around the same height and weight as the person in the surveillance footage.
    3. Randy has a motive of freeing his son from a financially strained relationship; Missy may have been cheating on her husband as well some reports say.
    4. Randy has a nearly identical walking gait. (watch video)

    Here is the husband, Brandon Bevers giving a statement to reporters:

    *However, apparently Randy Bevers has an alibi and was traveling to California during the time of the murder.

    What a crazy coincidence that both father and son would be out of town during the murder. 🤔

    9 thoughts on “Why Is The Missy Bevers Murder Case Still Unsolved?!!?

    1. Randy Bevers did it, and his wife covered him with the alibi. They both all but confessed on Randy’s Facebook page in the weeks and months following the murder. The Midlothian police would have us believe there’s no physical evidence to dispute Randy’s alibi, but the truth may be more complex: sources have said it was a Midlothian police officer with whom Missy was romantically involved.

      In short, the thing preventing this murder from being solved is the Texas “good ol’ boy” system.

    2. It was accidental. Missy changed venue in night and only few were aware of it. The person in SWAT uniform was breaking things and creating enough noise to alarm anyone present. Missy was supposed to get visitors soon. It just happened that when she came face to face she tried to overcome intruder. Who attacked her back in anger. (He failed to find anything stealable)

    3. Where is the video surveillance of the suspect arriving to the church? Did he arrive by walking or was there a getaway car? That is the footage we really need to see and that is the car we need to be looking for.

        • I have followed this case from the beginning and I have always suspected the father-inlaw. It seems odd to me that both he and his son just happened to be “out of town” at the time Missy was murdered. And they both have alibis? I wonder how closely these alibis were checked out.
          Something has been missed here. Three years is a long time!

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