June 4, 2019

Why Is The Missy Bevers Murder Case Still Unsolved?!!?

Here we have a bizarre murder case that should have been solved by now.

Fitness instructor and mother of three, Terri “Missy” Bevers, 45, was brutally stabbed to death inside a Texas church shortly before she was scheduled to lead an early morning fitness class on April 18, 2016.

Just minutes before her death around 4: am the Creekside Church of Christ motion-activated security cameras
On April 18, 2016, a CCTV video at the recorded the following video.

Missy Bevers Murdered - Extended view of Midlothian church murder suspect

The killer is oddly dressed in full SWAT gear, and the hammer he or she is wielding becomes the ultimate murder weapon used to bludgeon Missy to death.

According to police, Bevers died of “multiple puncture wounds” to her head and chest consistent with what the suspect on surveillance was seen carrying.

  • As a fitness trainer, Missy would teach 5 am classes at the community church. (she was murdered shortly before one of these classes)
  • Missy was also a married mother of three and very active in the community.
  • Missy and her husband, Brandon Bevers, were reported to have both financial and marital issues.
  • Brandon was 600 miles away on a fishing trip during the murder.
  • The killer can be anywhere between 5 ft 2 in and 5 ft 7 in.
  • Killer has a distinctive walking gait (notice the persons right foot in the video)
  • A 2010- 2012 Nissan Altima (not yet identified) was seen driving through the parking hours before the murder. Entered 1:58am and exited 2:04am (See video)
SWFA Surveillance 4-18-2016

  • A burglar - I would not consider a burglar to be a plausible killer, even though it is thought that the person in the video was smashing the glass and opening doors to possible make it look like a break-in, however, this was at 4: am.
  • The husband Brandon Beavers - has been ruled out due to him being 600 miles away on a fishing trip at the time.
  • Randy Bevers (Missy’s father-in-law) - everything points to Randy, such as:
  1. A few days after Missy was murdered, Randy Bevers was noticed bringing a blood-stained shirt to the cleaners, a woman’s XXL t-shirt. Randy claimed it was blood from a dog injury; supposedly, his vet confirmed the story.
  2. Randy is around the same height and weight as the person in the surveillance footage.
  3. Randy has a motive of freeing his son from a financially strained relationship; Missy may have been cheating on her husband as well some reports say.
  4. Randy has a nearly identical walking gait. (watch video)
Gait comparison of Randy Beavers to the suspect in the CCTV surveillance

Here is the husband, Brandon Bevers giving a statement to reporters:

Brandon Bevers talks about his wife's murder

*However, apparently Randy Bevers has an alibi and was traveling to California during the time of the murder.

What a crazy coincidence that both father and son would be out of town during the murder. 🤔


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218 comments on “Why Is The Missy Bevers Murder Case Still Unsolved?!!?”

  1. Was his alibi confirmed? (The dad's, I mean?) Cause I'm convinced.

    OR could it have been one of the loves of the woman killed??

    1. I think the father-in-law did it for his son. His feet go outward like the man in the video along with his gait, height and weight.

      1. My thoughts , exactly . It was personal and it was someone comfortable in the area. Even if his phone “pings” enroute to California, doesn’t mean he was with it. And the fact that her lover was a cop...

      2. Totally did it. That’s unreal. I just watched on HLN and could not believe it was unsolved. Had to Google it. You can tell the two of them are hiding something. And that walk....why haven’t they arrested him?!

        1. I was always convinced that the killer was a female, but after watching this video of the father-in-law walking the same walk as the killer makes me wonder if I was wrong all the time...

          1. Yes the same for me! Just hoping Missy gets the justice she so deserves! Do not care if she was having a affair..she did not deserve to die!

  2. Randy Bevers did it, and his wife covered him with the alibi. They both all but confessed on Randy’s Facebook page in the weeks and months following the murder. The Midlothian police would have us believe there’s no physical evidence to dispute Randy’s alibi, but the truth may be more complex: sources have said it was a Midlothian police officer with whom Missy was romantically involved.

    In short, the thing preventing this murder from being solved is the Texas “good ol’ boy” system.

    1. I didn't realized they confessed on their Facebook page weeks after. I like your theory about a Midlothian officer being romantically involved. hmmm

    2. Randy Bevers is the killer 1,000%. It's SO obvious. If this case wasn't so horrific it would be comical. There is no way in hell the killer and the father in law just so happen to have the exact gait and body down to the unique arm swinging and right foot that seriously points outward. If you watch his interview he can barely keep himself from busting out laughing. He is a sick twisted individual and that smirk on his face tells me he's a man with a secret who thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

      His son, the husband, knows he's the killer. They planned it together. Think about this....the husband went on and on to the media about the killer's unique gait and told everyone to pay attention to that gait but he never once said yes, my father has a similar gait but he did not kill my wife! See, they thought that they thought of everything when they planned the murder which is why he wore the head to toe SWAT costume! He had to cover himself completely so he wasn't recognized on camera or by Missy. What if she had gotten away?

      Only thing the two geniuses didn't think about was Randy's gait. They only realized how bad they messed up when the video came out and the killers gait was all the talk. Then the husband addresses the gait but never acknowledges his father WALKS THE EXACT SAME WAY?? He just ignored the elephant in the room? That is SO suspicious and makes it so obvious Randy is the killer. Again, no way in hell the father in law and the killer are twins in the way they walk! That's not possible.

      As for Randy's alibi I have yet to see proof he was in CA. They say his phone pinged in CA? So what. He could have left it in CA with his wife when he drove to TX to kill Missy. The husband just so happens to be away when she is murdered is also very convenient.

      Also, the way the husband speaks to the media so calm, cool and collected and never hesitates or stumbles or breaks down or searches for the right words is bizarre! THEN the FAKE wailing episode where he puts on the grieving husband act is a joke.

      I could go on but no need. They did it. The chances it's not them is ZERO!

      1. Exactly, I said the exact same thing!! Its very amazing how both husband and father in law were out of town during the murder or perhaps they hired a family member or an outsider to complete the job!! If they had no hands on in the murder, they know who did it!! I'm not understanding why don't they get a trusted psychic on her case to get it solved!! Texas is dirty!!!


      2. All of his “memories “ are related to his kids.. never to their connection or his love for her. You can FEEL the husband’s anger toward Missy. And dressing as police?... a little nod from the offended parties(Brandon and Randy) as to the reason for the killing.. the purported affair with a cop. Too neat. Bet Daddy is Type A.

      3. Kimberly TRzz, you are spot on! I just watched a show called Still A Mystery on Investigation Discovery Channel here in Florida last night. When I saw the husband & father-in-law walking out of a facility where the news media was waiting with cameras & reporters(April 27 2016 news footage). I saw exactly the same walk the perpetrator had that was identical to the father-in-laws outward step & lame right leg & foot. When I saw this I got goose bumps & jumped out of my recliner after watching this! I said to myself there is the MUDERER the father-in-law...

  3. It was accidental. Missy changed venue in night and only few were aware of it. The person in SWAT uniform was breaking things and creating enough noise to alarm anyone present. Missy was supposed to get visitors soon. It just happened that when she came face to face she tried to overcome intruder. Who attacked her back in anger. (He failed to find anything stealable)

    1. She didn’t switch venues. She actually posted on her facebook the night before confirming that her class was in the same place, same time as usual despite the bad weather

    2. Didnt change venue...in fact, she made a post the nite before saying "if it's raining we're still training" the class just moved inside...father in law knew the outdoor cameras at church WERE NOT working and also knew when Missy got there early to set up, so he got there even earlier NOT in a rush to make it LOOK like a burglary (come on, what are you going to steal from a church?! a hymnal, 20 year old stereo, makes no sense), plus he didn't steal her pricey wedding ring either. Add all of that with the "coincidence" they were "both" out of town (only the husband's alibi confirmed) that Randy has the EXACT SAME gait, arm swing, stance, even the way he leans back from his waist up is the exact same as when he exits the PD and when he opens the nursery/split door in church video. He KNEW no one was present bc he caused the place and had it planned out long enough to plan every detail, buy the police tactical gear, and wait for his son to be out of town... I don't know how any true L.E.O. or detective can see this case and not see the blatant perp. It's either 1)a coverup by cops or 2)they suspect him but don't have enough evidence to actually convict, and I honestly hope it's the latter... no thief or random criminal is going to go through the trouble of dressing in SWAT gear to break things in a church and steal nothing!! And the SWAT gear would actually make her run towards the guy if she had heard anything since it said POLICE!

    3. If it was thievery, he would have naturally checked the vehicle. Still inside were her electronics and purse. The person on the video was too casual and lacks the emergent energy to be a thief. The elaborate costume, the languid method in which he opened doors. He’s a short fat dude who swings his arms when he walks just like the father in law. The SWAT outfit is contrived as well. Ole boy knew she was messing around with someone on the police force and that’s why the husband and his father chose that outfit.

      1. I heard she was romantically involved with another Camp Gladiator trainer. He’s spouse was pregnant. Could be a walk of a pregnant woman??

        1. I completely believe it is the Father-in-law or as you said a woman just based on the neck/chest you could see. IDK seems like a big woman walking to me and Missy was def set up and targeted in this instance. so sad.

  4. Any thoughts on why handgun has been listed as weapon used in fbi data upload and also mentioned in Ellis Cty CSI report? You can see and link to report here: https://youtu.be/gC8ySt88er0

    1. I've heard on a YouTube video that she was also shot. I don't know if they beat her first, then shot, or the other way around. Seems a bit of overkill if someone was there to just rob the place. The casual looking around while waiting for her to show up is also a clue that it wasn't robbery. The fact that they hid their identity behind a cop outfit was to throw her off guard until it was too late to adequately defend herself. What a sick bastard that "guy" is.

  5. Did the cameras fail to capture the suspect entering the parking lots or leaving ? And what vehicle did he leave in? Did he walk away from the crime scene?

    1. There is video surveillance that has been withheld showing Missy walking around in the church and the killer walking around but not the actual murder. That surveillance is being withheld by the police for investigative purposes which is common. They have established that the Killer is between 5 foot 2 and 5 foot seven and the father-in-law is taller than that. Also he has a condition called spondylosis that would interfere with and restrict his ability to tilt his head back to the degree that the video shows. I have seen video of him walking and moving and his movement is definitely restricted and his illness has been well-documented long before this crime occurred. The police also verified that the blood on the shirt that was taken to the dry cleaners did come from a dog. A number of people have said that the fishing trip he went on was a common thing they did every year at this time and was planned in advance. Also the father-in-law's Alibi was verified by more than just his wife.

      1. No, actially they decided the killer was between 5'6.5" -5'9.5". His gait is identical.

      2. The fil was not on a fishing trip. The husband was. Alibi was only confirmed by his phone pings

      3. I too have Degenerative Disc Disease and Spondylosis. He is more than capable of committing this crime. But. I firmly believe that is a woman. It is either her MIL or a female who knows the father's walk. I am betting the husband was having an affair. Someone other than the police need to be brought into this investigation. These cops are inept at best. Crooked and complicit in this crime at worst.

    2. Exactly! They have video of the car pulling in and out earlier in the night, but not at the time of the murder? Something is off. Of course they have it!

      1. The video surveillance of the car is not from the church parking lot - it’s from the parking lot of a sporting goods store across/down the street, that’s why there’s no video at the time of the murder!

      2. The father in CA, flies back, rents a car, which clearly the car driving through the lot is, you can tell by the sticker on the bumper. Commits the murder drives back to the airport and flies back to CA.

        1. Omg you’re a genius! Except for those strict darn regulations that require ID when boarding a flight...but I’m sure those dumb police officers would never think to check flight records, right? Oh, and also that the “sticker” on the “rental” car bumper is actually just the reflection of the sporting goods store’s sign on the bumper...

          Does NO ONE on this site fact check their info before writing this libelous trash?

  6. Where is the video surveillance of the suspect arriving to the church? Did he arrive by walking or was there a getaway car? That is the footage we really need to see and that is the car we need to be looking for.

    1. Daniel, exactly! There is probably video of all of that, but at this time police have not released it. Great points.

      1. I have followed this case from the beginning and I have always suspected the father-inlaw. It seems odd to me that both he and his son just happened to be “out of town” at the time Missy was murdered. And they both have alibis? I wonder how closely these alibis were checked out.
        Something has been missed here. Three years is a long time!

        1. Yes! I just watched a documentary on it and after watching the surveillance video play over and over, they go to the father walking in and out of the dry cleaners. He stands and walks exactly like the person in the video!

      2. Here it is coming upon 4 years already (April 18, 2016), and the case has still not been solved! There needs to be justice for Terry Missy Bevers. The Texas Rangers and FBI need to be called in to reopen and investigate this heinous case. They should secure physical proof the Dad and son were somewhere else when the murder occurred. Also, they definitely could have hired a hitman or hit-woman to do the job. Oh so sad, what she must have experienced in the last moments of her precious life. An evil monster could only do such a thing. And it seems the MPD and Sheriff's Office covering up some details. Time to hire Texas Rangers to get down to facts.

        1. I thought the same. This would seem like a simply case for the fbi or Joe Kenda. Time to call in the FBI.

    2. According to a show I watched, they are not aware of how he/she arrived/departed the church. There are videos from nearby parking lots that produced two suspicious vehicles but nothing came of either of them. Odd to me that the church would have such clear and excellent video on the inside of the church, where in most cases there would be no worry, but no video at all on doors not any in the parking lots, where random crime could easily occur. I had never heard of this case until watching a show tonight but was surprised to find that the case still remains unsolved.

    3. The outside cameras at church weren't working..something the husband and F.U.L. would know, or at least the hubs that relayed to his dad...sick family to be ok w his dad leaving their three daughters without their mom...and yes, I think the cops know more than they're releasing (or I hope) or they need more seasoned detectives and investigators from another area.....

  7. Well, you can safely say killer....

    A) didn't bring phone
    B) or turned it off/airplane mode

    Killer could be hired and is a very casual walk in , even if he was burglarizing. No cell trace? It seems like this is going to take a very long time until someone stumbles.

      1. They could still track the phone according to this - https://safeguarde.com/common-myths-about-cellphone-tracking/

    1. I think the husband hired someone to do it. Very coincidental that he happened to be away on a fishing trip. Also, in one of his first interviews he says he doesn't want to know who the killer is and his family doesn't want to know either. How weird is that? I have never heard a family member of a murdered loved one say that.

  8. The father in law stands and walks and has the same build as the person in the surveillance video!!!! Hello!!!!!!

      1. I can throw a rock to Ellis County. The problem with this case is, you cant rule anything in or out according to law enforcement here. Most of the sheriff's departments around here are inept, lacking in training, and lazy. The joke around here is you cant be hired to the S.O. unless you're at least 75 pounds overweight to start with and then they add on.(seriously, everybody jokes about it) It's frustrating and disgusting, but that's the kind of police work you get around here. Oh , theres corruption too, but you never know if its intentional botching or just plain ineptitude. So dont put too much credence in what they "checked out" as far as alibis or evidence. I wouldve said it was a hit, if it wasnt so physically obvious who it might be.......allegedly.

        1. Oh yeah and dont forget, the csi report says they retrieved and tested a gun found with the body but NOBODY in any policing agency has ever mentioned that anywhere that I know of.

          1. Some times they keep info back so if the killer mentions it then it becomes something “only someone there would know” that might by why they kept that info back.

      2. Was there any other alibi "info" for the father-in-law - other than his phone pinged in CA, or his wife claiming he was with her in CA?

  9. This article is not correct. Randy Beavers did take a shirt to a dry cleaners to be cleaned. It did in fact have blood on it. DNA testing confirmed it was dog blood. The Police confirmed with the Vet that a dog was brought in due to a dog fight.
    There isn't any proof she was cheating . I think that nonsense comes up because of her fitness and out going personality. It' s unfair to her, the family, friends, and the judical process to claim fact to speculation.
    The focus on those unfounded issues distracts from pursuing the facts.
    The walk could be temporary . I have arthritis and bercitis in my hip at specific times of the year my hip flares and causes a similar walk. This is when it' s raining or high humidity the warm summer clears it up.
    Be fair to the family and yourselves and find who did this.

    1. If Randy was truly out of town and confirmed to be how can dropping the bloody shirt off at the dry cleaner be relevant, or if he was out of town how can he be at the dry cleaner???

      1. The shirt was dropped off many days after the murder. The vet can confirm the date the dog died and it doesn't overlap the FIL's alibi. If there was Missy's blood on the shirt, what kind of idiot takes it to be cleaned? If this was such a planned murder, the shirt would have been disposed of, not cleaned. Burn it, take it to the land fill.

        1. Also how would there be blood on a shirt when the person was dressed in all tactical gear? No way a shirt underneath got blood on it. Barely looked like the gear had any blood on it either.

  10. I just watched a tv show on this murder where they showed the killer walking over & over. I believe the killer is a woman who is wearing ‘heavy’ oversized shoes - the clothing looks oversized and likely very layered. If the shoes are oversized that will changed their gait - watch how she lifts her foot. The divided door should be able to get a height from there - she walks right up to it. This needs to be solved. Motive COULD be as easy as jealousy.

    1. It is Missy’s coworker AJ’s wife on the video. AJ has swat gear in his Facebook pictures and in one Facebook picture the exact silver Nissan Altima is seen directly behind AJ. AJ’s wife broke her ankle badly and still had a limp. She is also the right height and weight.

    2. My impression right away was wether it's a male or a female, the shoes were way to big in size and heavy which could be the cause of the gait..

  11. I thought she was beat to death not stabbed. I could be wrong but, when the story broke that is what the police said.

  12. Please don't accuse people of crimes without evidence to support it .
    You could find yourself in jail.
    Also this is slander.
    If people have nothing intellectual to add please keep random points of few to yourself.

    1. Actually they will NOT end up in jail. Slander is virtually impossible to prove. And the lawsuit to prove it could cost upwards of $500,000 to 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Don't try to intimidate a possible witness. And if you are afraid, don6know why you would be. But. If you are afraid, go to a higher power. Submit the evidence anonymously via the Texas Rangers, or the Attorney General.

      1. Actually, Barbara (and Jason), slander is defamatory speech. The term you both are looking for is “libel” since you are referring to the trash written on this site.

  13. Brandon totally looks deceptive Never looks anyone in the eye Ok The creepy murderous Bever kids that murdered their family in Oklahoma Were they related plus there had to be fingerprints think 2.killers

  14. The Altima WAS NOT seen driving through the parking lot of the church - it was a sporting goods store down the street. Getting "facts" correctly in a case is pretty important!

      1. Oops...brother, I mean. Oh, who the hell can tell these days, right? We’ve been reduced to writing “preferred”personal pronouns after our names! (You can refer to me as they/theirs, btw...)

  15. The person Inc the video is a woman. It is very obvious from the gait and mannerisms. I thought it the minute I saw the video three years ago. I do think the husband is involved though. The FIL has a curved spine - the person in the video does not.

    1. I agree. The moment I saw the video I said That’s a female! Even holding the wall when she walked, it was more like just touching it and running her fingers along the wall.

      1. Lindsey, do you have PROOF
        it's a woman? Simply asking..bc I've seen plenty of people say it but there is no proof or even beyond reasonable doubt to say it's a woman, only speculating it's female...
        In response to people saying the changed venue, she in fact made a post the nite before saying "if it's raining we're still training" the class just moved inside...father in law knew the outdoor cameras at church WERE NOT working and also knew when Missy got there early to set up, so he got there even earlier NOT in a rush to make it LOOK like a burglary (come on, what are you going to steal from a church?! a hymnal, 20 year old stereo, makes no sense), plus he didn't steal her pricey wedding ring either. Add all of that with the "coincidence" they were "both" out of town (only the husband's alibi confirmed) that Randy has the EXACT SAME gait, arm swing, stance, even the way he leans back from his waist up is the exact same as when he exits the PD and when he opens the nursery/split door in church video. He KNEW no one was present bc he cased the place and had it planned out long enough to plan every detail, buy the police tactical gear, and wait for his son to be out of town... I don't know how many true L.E.O. or detective can see this case and not see the blatant evidence who the perp is. It's either 1)a coverup by cops or 2)they suspect him but don't have enough evidence to actually convict, and I honestly hope it's the latter... no thief or random criminal is going to go through the trouble of dressing in SWAT gear to break things in a church and steal nothing!! And the SWAT gear would actually make her run towards the HIM(the F.I.L.) if she had heard anything suspicious since vest said POLICE!

        1. Kadabra3.14, do you have PROOF that it’s NOT a woman? It seems to me you are doing an equal amount of speculating yourself in claiming the perp was a man, and her FIL at that. Do you have PROOF that R.B. knew the functional status of the church’s outdoor surveillance cameras? I’d sure like to see it if you do...

  16. what a joke the midlothian police dept and a damn shame on the fbi.

    *the father in law killed the girl.

    *the cctv is tampered by a police tech( the blacking out of the tape]

    the police is covering something up (Quote : the suspect is approximately 5.2 to 5.7 ................thats a speculation ,not an approximation......saying just 5.7 is being approximate]
    that gait and tummy is so obvious.
    and the police uniform is a swipe at the police department.
    the CCTV is selectively choreographed before being released to the public.

    this is a silly joke of a police department and small town christian garbage.

    she was cheating so it was ok to kill her.

    oh you fools. .

    1. Farwin, why haven’t the FBI called YOU to help whip their asses into shape and solve this case for them? The fools! Wait—you already said that! Geez, I am just thanking my lucky stars that you are here to show us all what real intelligence looks like. Here I was thinking that the police had withheld portions of the CCTV footage to protect the integrity of their investigation...I’d have never known it was actually police corruption and evidence tampering if it weren’t for your truly insightful post! Many, many thanks...

  17. Husband and his parents are involved. The driving around car I believe has no connection to this. Perhaps a student driver was testing the wet road and late night driving condition.

  18. I find it ridiculous that they do not have practically an exact height! There are plenty of points of reference in the video to determine the killers height.

  19. The vehicle that drove through likely had equipment to scan the cameras and locations of security system from the vehicle: hi-tech! ‘They’ Parked close enough to walk after moving the vehicle and walked, as someone probably stayed outside turning off the cameras from a remote device. Likely had contacted Missy about her class schedule, may have met her in the building &/or attended church there to walk around and see the layout. Burglary of church deposits, a probable occurrence, yet probably more if they didn’t go in earlier to do it! Missy had been active in Crimestoppers reporting, I had spoken to her about tips she had heard and wanted to research before putting in her own tips of matters people in the community knew had affected me, identity theft, & robberies of my family’s estate. Whose car? Requests to add banking individuals for the church followed this crime, also suspicious as Missy helped the congregation in many ways!

  20. Randy Bevers was in Californial to pay those rest of the hit-man payment, just as soon as the confirmation that Terri Missy Bevers was killed.

    I have many of the very accurate details in my possession.....call 972-268-4140.

  21. I'm not an expert here but the description of the assailant of Missy Bevers looks as if they are suffering from a neurological degenerative disease.
    Hints of a waddle walk , that's why the confusion with male/female, smashing the windows with poke as apposed to a swing, this is a sign of limit in muscle movement, steadying oneself against walls ,vertigo, and finally the splayed right leg.
    This is highly suggestive of a form of MS, I'm amazed someone in the field has not suggested the same...but then again their specialty probably takes their full attention to notice another murder.
    MS can cause mood swings, sexual dysfunction among other disabilities, these problems can be intermittent and will only become chronic in latter life, the perpetrator may not even be aware of his condition.
    As for motive...I don't know if Missy trained the disable and this person felt betrayed somehow or they were just mad at god or is it dog? I always get that mixed up.
    I would look at her teaching days and any boy who was picked on and protected by Missy.
    If the church was the target then I would look to see if the church had withdrawn disability support to anyone at the time of the crime.
    Missy may just of been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    1. IMO, as you'll see below all evidence points one direction. However in response to saying she was at the wrong place wrong time, no thief is going to do all the prep work that this F.I.L. "allegedly" did to go break in a church and steal NOTHING..
      In response to people saying the changed venue, she in fact made a post the nite before saying "if it's raining we're still training" the class just moved inside...father in law knew the outdoor cameras at church WERE NOT working and also knew when Missy got there early to set up, so he got there even earlier NOT in a rush to make it LOOK like a burglary (come on, what are you going to steal from a church?! a hymnal, 20 year old stereo, makes no sense), plus he didn't steal her pricey wedding ring either. Add all of that with the "coincidence" they were "both" out of town (only the husband's alibi confirmed) that Randy has the EXACT SAME gait, arm swing, stance, even the way he leans back from his waist up is the exact same as when he exits the PD and when he opens the nursery/split door in church video. He KNEW no one was present bc he cased the place and had it planned out long enough to plan every detail, buy the police tactical gear, and wait for his son to be out of town... I don't know how many true L.E.O. or detective can see this case and not see the blatant evidence who the perp is. It's either 1)a coverup by cops or 2)they suspect him but don't have enough evidence to actually convict, and I honestly hope it's the latter... no thief or random criminal is going to go through the trouble of dressing in SWAT gear to break things in a church and steal nothing!! And the SWAT gear would actually make her run towards the HIM(the F.I.L.) if she had heard anything suspicious since vest said POLICE!

  22. Just a thought...
    What if it isn't Randy, or Bobby Wayne Henry, who murdered Missy. But actually is someone who is intimately familiar with Randy's mannerisms and gait. It appears to me that the person in the video is favoring the right foot slightly more than what's natural for Randy. And the only video I saw if Bobby was at the funeral. It was obvious he was hyper-aware of the suspicion he was carrying toward his gait. He almost looked like he tried to conceal it when he walked. I'm not saying it is anyone in particular. I'm just throwing a fresh thought out there, base on the evidence.
    Suppose Brandon donned the swat costume, slipped an arch support into the right shoe, and commenced to imitate his dad's mannerisms. It's the perfect alibi for both. It looks like Randy but he actually isn't there, he has an air tight alibi. The gait and mannerisms that point to Randy, clears Brandon.

    He said things in his interview that, to me, were tells. He seemed rather knowledgeable in regards to police jargon. Is he an ex-leo? He was hesitant, as if searching for personal words of endearment, when asked to describe what Missy was like. Most of what he muttered was directed towards her relationships within her community, friends and daughters. He later was able to give personal examples of their relationship. At which time, he seemed to lay it on thick, for someone who publicly acknowledged she was having an affair.

    The rage behind the pludgeoning is indictive of jealousy. I recall that Brandon was the person to state Missy was having an affair. The police never determined that first person,as the result of an investigation. In fact, they never cooberated Brandon's allegation at all. They only found a flirtatious relationship in text, on LinkedIn. Brandon thought she was having an affair. That's motive. He tells the police, only to look cooperative and cool about it. Brandon mentions the lifestyle change to often, as being the result of the gladiator class. It seemed he has deep resentment to the gladiator class. "She didn't have time to drive the daughters around because of it." She rarely had time for him, because of it. She physically changed and their relationship changed, as a result of the gladiator class.
    He even started warning her to be careful. He imagined harm could come to her, as a result of her early morning classes; according to the interview with Brandon's sister.
      Also, I've not yet found any expert's' analysis in this particular investigation, stating, "knives" (claws of a hammer, in this case) are usually seen as an extension of the suspect's person. It's my understanding, that it's considered to be very intimate and personal for an assailant to use a "knife" typology of weapon. However, after learning that the alleged cause of death was a different weapon of choice, which would explain why she didn't over power her assailant, due to the difference in her health and body strength compared to the unknown subject's inadequate balance, limp/injured right leg (or knee or foot) and overweight appearance.
    If the other weapon of choice was in fact the murder weapon, and the hammer was used after the initial head injury, that implies premeditated murder, not burglary turned robbery/murder of opportunity. It also establishes that the victim knew the killer and that the killer harbored extreme hate/rage toward the victim.
    The suspect clearly knew the victim's routine at least moderately, to know there was a window of time between the victim's arrival and the rest of the group. Also as previously mentioned, to know there wasn't an alarm for the break-in.
    The assailant also seemed to have enough investigative knowledge to know the swat uniform would conceal evidence of gender, DNA, physical appearance and confuse the investigation enough to slow it down. Conceal the identity of the individual, just in case Missy got away or was some how able to identify the assailant.
    Originally, I also thought the unknown assailant knew the layout of the building, but I've concluded that the attempts to open doors that were locked, and other doors that seemed unfamiliar, (Dutch door), seem to indicate the assailant had not been in the building much at all, if at all. The casual, nonchalant demeanor of movement, and lack of urgency implies the familiarity of the victims routine, as previously mentioned, not someone intent on burglary. Also typically most burglary/homicides conclude with some form of theft, or obvious attempted theft, even when interrupted. This subject clearly wasn't looking for items of value. It looks more like s/he was just passing time while clearing the building. And likely looking for the ideal location to take her by surprise. Which brings up another point, the subject Knew which entry she would use to enter the building. Which was near the bathrooms: the men's restroom is a logical hiding spot in a dark building to use for the element of surprise. The assailant knew where to park, and that there wasn't an alarm on the building, (nor silent alarm).
    However, all of the arm chair investigating, (mine included), is muddying the waters and could be creating reasonable doubt for the defence, if and when the murderer is caught. Because of the media attention, creating a bias toward a suspect could get that person aquitted, with a good attorney, which would be an injustice to the victim. Which is why I've not made comments until now.
    I believe they have a suspect or at least a subject of interest. However, with the lack of physical evidence, DNA to support their findings, all with the suspect having an alibi, the case is weak at best. If they take it to trial, and the subject is aquitted or any form of "beating the charge" then it's game over. They can't ever retry her/him, due to double-jeopardy.

    I would like to add one last thought.
    The angle of the cameras from the ceiling toward the floor could alter the appearance of the unknown-subject's height, causing him/her to appear shorter than actually are. Brandon stated that the killer is 6ft. The police at one time thought that as well. I'm curious what changed their minds to such a degree.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I too have an uneasy feeling about Brandon and Randy. So much I want to point out but also so many questions I would like answered...

    2. Loved that you seized on same thing as me: why Missy couldn’t prevail over the perp when the perp (whether man or woman) was clearly not a specimen of agility, strength, and health.

  23. The person wearing swatgear is most certainly wearing too big shoes. This is the way I walk when borrowing hubbys way too big, steeltoed workshoes. Feet piont outward - too big and heavy shoes have to be lifted off the ground, they don't automatically follow your feet thus walking like a duck. I don't know why, but this female, yep female, has on someone elses shoes and probably someone elses clothes too.
    Did the husband have a mistress/female friend who owns a hammer?

    1. Yes, I have only just watched the footage of the person in swat gear and my first thought was they were wearing overly large shoes hence the gait - so presumably borrowed from someone else?

    1. I agree look at his demeanor when he is with his son talking about the dogs blood on his shirt.He is smiling relax and looking happy.I would be so upset and horrified. Also he could fall into the height of the killer. His gate is exactly the same.
      I believe the husband Brandon got his father to kill her. Randys wife is the alibi. It wouldn't be the first time a wife and mother lied to the police.

  24. Wow. I hope none of you wind up on a jury. Youve got a man convicted based on the way he walks? And you dont even give a damn about that fact that his alibinMORE than simply "checks out"...The man's alibi was CONFIRMED. Please, if any of you get a jury summons, call in sick. Stay at home. You people are fools. That goes for you all posting bullshit as well as the simpleton that operates this web page. Christ.

    1. i second this. all it takes is a little research to know most of the information the poster presented here is false or has already been disproven, and there’s a waaaay more likely suspect that he made no mention of! the blood was tested and it was their dogs blood, like they said and her mother in law that people are pointing the finger at was very very close with missy! they were friends before missy and her son got together even. this spreading of misinformation is horrible, and it makes me even more mad to see all the people in this comment section accusing the family now because of it. do your own research people, journalism is nothing what it used to be!

      1. Well Alexandra. If you have a criminal mind, you can take dog blood as a cover and put it on the same spot after you clean the original blood a little bit. Now they check the blood, they are going to analyze it thinking we got something. And they found a dog blood results. But if what I said before it was done here, that is the way you fool every genius here!
        So, what about that detectives?

        1. Typical of the thinking of the criminal mind, as you say. If there's human blood cleaned off a little bit and covered with dog blood, they're going to analyze it and find that they have dog blood and human blood mixed together. They'll even find out whose blood it is. But the average criminal mind is desperate to cover its tracks, and will convince itself that this will work.

  25. Stabbing makes it very personal. It was not the husband (confirmed alibi) and I think Missy could have taken the father in a fight. So I don't know. I think she was having some affairs and perhaps breaking one off escalated this. Was not their to rob anything, was there to kill.

  26. I dunno but this case has gone on way to long and needs more attention. If husband didn’t do this, there were problems in the marriage, did he hire someone else to do the murder. Such a sad case. Hopefully will be solved soon. For this poor women to Rest In Peace!

  27. Don’t think the police have spent to much time on this case? Have they asked the FBI or other resources? It freaks me out that no one, knows nothing. This poor lady!

  28. I know who this is. I reported it to crimestoppers but they did nothing. I'm so frustrated. It is a man I worked with. He has a knee injury. He knows the Bevers family and shares their joy of fishing. He has a full swat police uniform. There is an enhanced video on YouTube thats shows his eyes and he's wearing a baraclava type mask. I've overlayed this pic with pics from Facebook and they match. I want to get attention on this suspect but he knows me and i'm afraid of him.

    1. More people should report this person. You need to get your evidence out there publicly. Please.

    2. I remember when this case happened and saw a special on tv. Got some coverage for a good period of time. The video was creepy. Actually saw ur your comments on crimestoppers and was completely intrigued and pissed that nobody looked into that. One thing led to another and I searched this case for the first time in a while and saw ur comments. U need to continue to pursue this.

      1. I completely agree about the perp being female. But then again Missy was fit. If the perp was female, it was a fat misshapen person! Maybe male then to overtake her? How sad!

    3. you're scared of him ??? you tell me who he is and I'll turn him in I ain't scared of him tell him to bring his hammer and come on

    4. No problem at all........you can share your info and not be in any danger.

      If he is in fact guilty?
      it is possible to have him dealt with by people who deal with bad people that would do such a thing to a nice lady/single mother of 3.


      I take care of problems for people that need a big prob. Handled....especially single mothers who live in fear and don't deserve to be abused mentally/physically!

    5. Well, if YOU know who this person is & all the additional stuff you say ties him to the Bevers Family, then SURELY there are OTHER people who know this same information! There’s no reason to fear this individual; he won’t know who called the Tip Line. And, if you’re 100% sure he did it, do all in your power to get him locked up then THAT way, NOBODY will have to live in fear! Hell, I live in Memphis (the one in TN) and have absolutely NO idea who did it and I e-mailed Kevin Johnson with an idea for them to check into and he emailed me back!
      ŸSo, email him directly, telling him what you know, as well as the fact that you’ve contacted them previously. You HAVE to do this, because think of how you will feel if this piece of shit pulls another stunt and hurts or kills someone ELSE?!!
      Best wishes to you and yours.

  29. That is no coincidence that the husband was out of town. If this isn’t a hit I don’t know what is. The cops must be inept. Even on the Altima you can find every person in the area that owns a silver Altima between 10-12 years. This is ridiculous they haven’t solved this.

  30. The person in the video is either a woman, or a man with feminine tendencies. What does her MOTHER IN LAW act, and walk like. Also, her MIL or a female close to the husband and father should be considered suspects. They would be able to mimic the walk in question.

    1. I was thinking of the same exact thing and now that I think of it the suspect also appears to walk like a slightly hunched over much older female in my opinion. As I kept watching the video my mind kept going back and forth to a feminine male to just a very much older female hunched over and the gear is disguising her hunch.It’s still a dead giveaway it’s the FIL though. I agree I want to see what her MIL looks like.

  31. Wow. I just watched the HLN show and I'm shocked that this case isn't solved yet.

    I wonder if there is software that can help to identify a person's unique walk or gait. Maybe there is a way to draw anchor points over a video where the person's bones and joints are located and have the anchor points follow the person as they walk. It would almost be like a stick figure overlay on top of the killer as they move about the video. This stick figure should create a unique signature of how a person walks including approximate bone ratios. This walk and set of ratios could be compared to potential suspects (from videos around the time of the murder). I know it's probably not enough to build an entire case on, but I'd be willing to bet that very few people walk exactly like that with similar bone ratios. Maybe it can narrow down who their focus should be on. Also, I can't see how anyone could identify gender from those videos. I've seen many men who walk like women and vice versa.

    Also, is it legal for police to check all cell phone numbers that pinged the closest tower around the time of the murder? It seems that cell phone companies also have the ability to triangulate position of a cell phone within a few feet. This of course assumes that the suspect would have one on him/her (or at least close by) at the time of the murder. Anyone with half a brain would not bring their phone, but maybe this could generate a list of people who were in the area and awake at that early hour. If questioned, maybe a passerby would remember some minor detail that could help break the case open.

    Lastly, I find it mind-boggling that this sluggish looking killer was able to overtake this incredibly fit and athletic woman with a hammer. She must have been completely caught off-guard or fooled. The killer was either a complete idiot for embarking on this flimsy plan or knew her well enough to know this plan would work. Hopefully someone can come forward and help put this one to rest.

    Cool website!

  32. In my opinion, Randy’s belly is much larger than the suspect in the video. The walk is definitely similar.

  33. I believe Randy the father in law did it and seemed to have police protection, happened at 04:00am he could be back to where he said he was and knew she was there, Brandon and Randy all alibi each other, it’s a close community family.

  34. The suspect in video is clearly a woman wearing oversize shoes. See how the toe is always up lifted so they won't fall off?

  35. I think both, Randy's and Brandon's alibis cease to prove their innocence if you consider that they could have chartered a plane to the nearby airport to kill Missy that morning.....and then fly back to their respective alibi locations. The camera footage at the nearby outdoors store parking lot may have been a rental car that they rented to go from the airport to the Church and back to the airport.

  36. Blatantly, obviously the father-in-law. Posture, physicality, gait... I'm curious about his alibi? Who was it? Where are the receipts?

  37. The police state the suspect had a hammer in his/her right hand does anyone else notice something in the left hand they are holding?I see it multiple times in the video but I’m not sure if it’s a object or the reflection of the hallway lights shinning towards the floor.

  38. You’re right.. father in law!s gait is definitely the same as killer. One of kind.. even the way swinging his arms when walking. (Like a heavy person). So darn sad not able to catch her killer. R.I.P. Missy, God Bless your Grieving Beautiful Family

  39. Did they look into the sister? She would be able to modify her walk to fit her fathers, who has an alibi. Just an idea.

    1. Good point. When police first released the video they warned the public not to just assume that the killer is male.

  40. Who shows up for a 5AM class at 4:20AM? Maybe I am just not a morning person, but I would be there at 4:55AM at the earliest!

    1. She was a motivate woman, making moves. Feeling good about life. Her husband seemed a bit jealous?

  41. The police can not reveal all the video as this is an ongoing investigation. The police can not arrest anybody yet because there is only one chance to convict due to double jeopardy laws.

    1. The police enjoy holding back information that would help solve crimes. Look at the cops in Indiana, regarding the Delphi murders.

      This case (nor the Delphi case, nor thousands of other cases) will never be solved unless they release more information, so the public can help them solve it.

  42. I say it was the father in law. Motive, walking style and interview deception/nervous smile, etc...The dog issue was staged to try and remove him as a suspect and it worked. “Just dog blood, so I can’t be a suspect”. Seems extreme, but better in his mind to Kill the dog vs. lose a son to prison.

    1. He murdered Missy's dog out of hatred of Missy, a final act of devaluing. It is a common behavior of men who commit family violence. The husband said the dog was precious to Missy. May RB rot in Hell.

  43. Randy went to California to pay the remainder of the $30k for the 2 hitmen to come to Ellis county & murder this sweet lady.

    I know every aspect of what happened as far as the 2 guys from California....they were friends of mine from my years living in Ca.

    Now I live here........coincidental for sure.

  44. Come on it was the father in law. The father and son are living it up Free while Missy is dead. They got away with murder.

  45. exact height of suspect is easy to determine. pause video as they stand on the line between the check floor and plane floor. then draw a line across the head to the wall.. suspect is very short. its a woman. dressed in mans clothes and oversized boots... can even tell by the way they hold the hammer as they approach one of the doors.... all the years I've worked in construction I've never seen a man carry a hammer like that.... only a woman or child... hold it high up on the shaft.. motive Jealously. husband probably attended one of her classes... probably not even in any relationship with her, just talked about her a lot back at home enough to make his wife or girlfriend jealous. or she suspected an affair.
    Occupation as a fitness instructor is well know for its affairs. or sex with clients.... it happens a lot. . I know a lot of woman who have slept with their male instructor.. behind their husbands back...
    Husband and father are innocent. they haven't got the brains to do this crime.. no offence..

  46. I was watching the news...and noticed that the murderer feet look funny when he walked..The left foot pointed to normal direction..but the right foot was slanted to the right..Thought I would tell u what I saw...Being a small town..someone might notice the walk among someone walking down the street..Police need to watch that tape again..and see what I saw...thanks and hopefully this murder will be solved soon..

    1. I have a video of a Midlothian man that fits everything described to a "T". Would be happy to share as law enforcement have shown little interest though the man is a convicted felon, liar and works normally as a maintenace person.

      1. i wrote about him in my comment too. this article has so much false/ disproven information in it. i can’t remember this suspects name, but another piece of “evidence” against him is that a forensic podiatrist said his walk and the person’s walk in the video were the same, and could not definitively say they’re 2 different people.

  47. So suddenly people being away is a "crazy coincidence" ?? haha there's nothing crazy or weird with that,

    1. True but people always want to blame someone and the fact that they are both gone is weird but it also proves that they weren't there

  48. You should state that the Nissan Altima footage is not from the church parking lot. It's from a business just down the road from the church, SWFA Outdoors.

  49. i can’t see when this was published but there’s a lot of false info here. it’s been confirmed that randy and his wife were in riverside, CA at the time of the murder, and why would his wife cover for him when she was very close to missy? they had marital problems, like most marriages have, but they were working through them. the dog story has also been confirmed, and the blood on the shirt was tested and it was canine blood like he said. why would a murderer bring a bloody shirt with missy’s blood to the dry cleaner? a guilty person would hide evidence, not bring it out for dry cleaning. there’s a way more likely suspect that you completely left out who has a violent past, walks like the person in the video, admitted to owning the outfit worn by the person in the video, is the same size/ figure, and a lot of people in the community suspect him. also i’m not 100% sure about this, but they found a gun at the scene and i think i saw somewhere in the police evidence that she was shot, not stabbed or bludgeoned. don’t take my word for it, do your own research and update this so you’re not spreading false information and encouraging more people to suspect a grieving family of murdering their loved one.

  50. The vehicle logo on the grill looks more like a Hyundai. It could be a Hyundai Sonata, which can be mistaken for a Nissan Altima.

  51. The police have confirmed that the blood on the shirt brought to the dry cleaner's was dog blood. The vet who treated the dog also corroborated the story, as did the other people who were present during the dog fight. Also, if Randy did kill Missy, why would he bring a bloody shirt to a dry-cleaners in the town where his daughter-in-law was killed? Wouldn't he just get rid of it? That "evidence" just doesn't make sense.

    Also, Randy and his wife were traveling through California in an RV on Sunday (the murder happened early Monday morning). This was confirmed by their phone records and by a third-party who took a picture of the couple the day before the murder. Despite speculation about his walk and body shape, there is nothing that ties Randy to the murder and the police have said multiple times that Randy and Brandon are not suspects. Also, Randy didn't even live in Midlothian, so it isn't a "crazy coincidence" that he was "out of town". He didn't live in town.... he lived in Austin, Texas.

    I don't think it was a random burglary and I do believe that Missy was targeted by someone who knew her. However, given the lack of concrete evidence pointing to Brandon or Randy, I think it was someone who was harassing or stalking Missy- perhaps someone she had a flirtation or affair with, or someone who had a grudge against her. There has been speculation that the person on the surveillance video is actually a woman. Missy posted on Facebook about her whereabouts, so they'd know where she would be on Monday morning. I recommend watching Stephanie Harlowe's two part YouTube series on Missy Bevers' murder. It was posted in October of 2020, so the information is pretty up-to-date (as of November, 2020).

    I know a lot of people want to find Missy's killer. I understand, I do too. Her murder was a tragedy and the fact that her killer is still out there walking free is chilling. If you still think it's Randy or Brandon, that's fine. Everyone can have their own opinion, and at the end of the day, we are all trying to figure it out based on the limited data that has been made available to the public. I only hope that Missy's killer will be found someday and that her friends and family, especially her daughters, will find peace.

  52. They know who did it. Unless the suspect jumped off of a bridge and their body was washed away, there's no way you can't find someone with that walk. I believe it was a man but that's still undetermined. This is unacceptable. TX has to be furious.

  53. I believe the father did it! The gait, is apparent. The CA alibi would be easily checked out, but the fact it wasn't looked into is cause for concern. The Nissan Altima is clearly a rental, due to the sticker on the back bumper of the car. Fly in from CA, rent a car, commit the murder, return to the airport and fly back. Gone for maybe a day, at the most. This was not a burglary. He was there earlier than she was, casing the place, drove through the parking lot across the highway, and then drove back once she was there. I know we all grieve in our own way, but the father was not grieving from what I saw at the death of his grandchildren's mother. Odd??

  54. I was watching the clip of the suspect open the double door, where the bottom part opens in the church, and the top stayed shut. The suspect unfamiliar with the church, didn't realize that it was a double door. What was revealing about this, not only was when the gait specialist showed the issue with the hip movement of Randy walking out of the Midlothian Police Department and his attention is focused on something higher but also when Randy walks into the PD his head is down, naturally. So he wasn't focused on what was up, when he opened the door. It was a surprise to him. 100% solvable.

    1. Really. I didn't hear he took a polygraph. i would assume very little DNA was left at the scene.

  55. I often thought the gait of the person who killed Misty Beavers was the same gate as Chris Watts, who murdered his family. Don't know if he was in the Texas area when Misty was murdered. It has always bothered me.

  56. God bless her family and kids. It sounds like perhaps her husband had someone else do it. Whoever it was obviously knew her schedule. Sending prayers that those guilty will be brought to justice.

  57. The person you seek is a woman, look at names that attended the fitness class. They knew missy would be there. Look at the spouse of whom was cheated on. The husband knows and was aware. It was a personal attack of rage and betrayal. It was planed after they knew it would rain and the class was not canceled. A woman scorned did this who attends the church. I would say around 5’3” around 160 to 170 ibs has a K in the 1st name middle or last name starting letter. Brown dyed hair above shoulders, mid 40’s.

    I’m a empath I hope this helps. That’s what I saw and this woman wears a distinct sand and sable perfume heavy. The smell I get.

  58. This case will never be solved. We don’t know if the murderer was male or female, skinny or fat, and we don’t know the motive, and the murderer perfectly imitated the way the father-in-law walks. This was the perfect murder.

  59. I just read an article about this case (The Daily Light 4-18-2019) and we're approaching another anni. This is a cold case encased in 6k years of ice. So sad. I hope there's a breakthrough.

  60. I live near Midlothian & I asked a man who does lives there if there was any news on the case. He said (& I quote) “all I know is that she had a “colored” boyfriend”. I was shocked & sad that a person I know thought & said that. I just hope the Midlothian police don’t feel that way. God bless Missy & her family.

  61. Comparing the walk of the 2, it would be a slam dunk, that is very noticeable even to the untrained eye. They should be finding out more about his Trip to California.

  62. perhaps a love triangle - if true, missy and a married guy - the wife of that guy? who knows... it is truly confusing as to why they haven't solved this. I'm not convince the person in the video is a guy. I'm leaning towards a woman walking.

  63. Very close family guy hired somebody- that church performance by darth vader is the give away.

  64. How clever -soil a shirt red then take it to the cleaners knowing it will be proven false so as to support a position-how infantile.

  65. She was fu**ing around with other trainers, and at least one of these scum bags she was fu**ing, was in fact a colored dude...
    NOT good!
    Probably why those good ol boys don’t give a damn about solving it?
    A white lady screwing a colored dude - she deserved it?

    1. WhoA!! how do you know for sure she was actually fooling around? I heard it was just flirty texts. NOT THE SAME THING. Even if eventually it led there.

    2. You are CLEARLY racist and need to burn in. Who even says "colored" anymore?? And the fact that u say if she was f---ing a colored person, she deserves it. How would you feel if someone said that about you? You piece of crap!!!

  66. Yeah, how convenient that they were both out of town that very night: I've read those alibi's so many times, it's almost laughable. Was there a life-insurance on Missy? It's unbelevable that this lying family is still not arrested. Those poor kids.

  67. Just because those two guilty looking, guilty acting people were out of town doesn't mean they couldn't have still been involved. You pay someone to kill your wife (daughter in law) and that explains some of the so-called monetary problems you've had. Watch the interview those two give in front of a police station right after her death. The father has a sparkle in his eye and a barely contained smirk. The husband covers his mouth right after announcing that he had nothing to do with it. That's sometimes a tell that a person is lying or covering up the truth. The biggest thing is the look of glee that father in law has. Sickening way to "grieve" a death.

  68. Well, conjecture aside the facts are:
    1. It was dogs blood
    2. Both the husband and dad had nothing to do with it
    3. Imitating a walk is a pretty easy out
    4. She was cheating so a lover or spouse is a most likely suspect.
    5. Your "post" is internet trash at best

  69. Had to be the dad. I don’t believe a pregnant woman could have overcome Missy - girl was a beast.

    Any word on life insurance or whether husband was cheating or got quickly to Hewitt someone after Missy died?

  70. You are right..what a crazy coincidence that both husband and his father both have alibi of being out of the State. Husband was on annual fishing/hunting trip and was posting on social media for months about this trip. Is this normal for him to do that every year? or just this time. If both of them have alibi's and the suspects walk is very unusual (family trait) maybe look at other members of the husband's family such as siblings, uncles etc. I have a feeling the cops know who did it but cant get around alibi issues to move forward.

  71. Who's Missy to anyone? Why the overkill ? Needed to be dead ? Cops need to get hands off dxcks & do some work here. This is solvable with some pressure ?

  72. Has anyone questioned yet as to why the father in law has not yet been brought in for questioning? Yes it is true just because his cellphone pinged being on the way to California you can never rule out VPN’s either in cases like these people who are guilty of something or are hiding something that don’t want people to find out exactly where they were at that time are going to use a VPN to cover their tracks or try to anyway, in cases like these which many have occurred before you have to put your mind in the footsteps of the criminal and think about what the said father in law is up to or the husband for that matter

  73. It’s been a couple of years now I wish they would strong start looking at the family again. I don’t know anything I just come across this as I was checking on someone who works with me that has a similar limp and I was making sure that it wasn’t there. LOL! As I looked at the video it seems to be the father-in-law…technology has advanced now that they should be able to do a 3-D scan or some sort of the person in the video and its comparison to the father-in-law.

  74. It's so obvious in the security video that the killer is a woman wearing a man's uniform that is too big. The shoes are ridiculously too large for her. Thats why she walks with that weird gate. Other clues are the way she stands, with her leg and knee bent out in front of the other...only the way a woman stands. You can just tell by the way she walks through looking at things in the hallway like a jealous creepy girlfriend. Most likely her husband took missys class and she thought Missy was a threat...and she was just Psychotic. Case closed. Find the bitch.

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