How Did Misty Copsey Vanish Into Thin Air?

How Did Misty Copsey Vanish Into Thin Air?

For decades, movies have graced us with the wonder that is attending the fair. It is such a common setting in storytelling that most of us are known to romanticize it in our own way, loving the idea of playing games and enjoying time outside under the dark sky above. For children, this is an even better idea.

Fairs are made for visitors to have fun and build memories, leaving many of us wondering how we can possibly pass up on such a wonderful night. It was the idea of a fun night at the fair that would ultimately lead fourteen-year-old Misty Copsey to vanish into thin air. So, what happened?

The Fair

According to police records, Misty Copsey set out for a night of fun at the fair with her best friend, Trina. The two girls had been excited to attend the fair for a while now, and had even been given permission to go alone. As middle school students, they were all about showing off their independence and this was a great opportunity to do exactly that. The two girls headed out for a fun-packed evening, but only Trina would return home safely.

The Lie

Misty’s mom had agreed to let her attend the fair alone, but Trina’s parents had a requirement. They requested that Misty’s mom drop the girls off and pick them up when it came time to bring them back home. They wanted to ensure that the girls had safe transport. While Misty’s mom could drop them off, she could not pick them up. However, she agreed to lie to Trina’s parents and say that she would. Instead, the girls would take the bus back home later that night.

Too Much Fun

Being middle school students, it is no surprise that Misty and Trina got caught up having too much fun. Unfortunately, the girls lost track of time and missed the bus that they were supposed to take home. Ultimately, it would be this that would seal Misty’s fate. Misty called her mother to inform them that they had missed the bus. At this point, Trina arranged for her own way home. Unfortunately, Misty did not have a ride. Misty’s mother was not happy and was unable to leave work. Misty considered a couple of options, including an older neighbor boy, but her mother did not approve and asked her to find a safer way home. It was the last time she would ever speak to her daughter.

The Neighbor “Boy”

Rheuban Schmidt was an eighteen-year-old man who lived next door to Misty. For ages, the two had spent time hanging out. Despite how strange it was for a boy that old to hang out with a middle school student, Misty’s mother thought little of it until she heard Schmidt on the phone saying vulgar things to Misty. From that point on, Schmidt was banned. According to Schmidt, Misty had called him for a ride. However, he was supposedly unable to go pick her up because he was out of gas. This directly conflicted with his roommate’s statement that Schmidt had left the house to go get Misty. Schmidt clarified saying that he had left to go out, but not to get Misty.

The Green River Killer

Misty’s mother was looking for answers and found some options with a somewhat frenzied local man. This man was convinced that Misty had been a victim of the Green River Killer, a man who had supposedly abducted and killed many other girls like Misty. The man was convinced that he knew who the killer was, another local neighbor, and had spent years trying to force police to investigate.

Still Missing

Police were never able to locate Misty, and a body was never found to close the case. To this day, Misty’s family remains hopeful that someone will come forward with information regarding the missing child. Unfortunately, despite many suspicious characters, the investigation was never able to yield any actual results. Misty is still missing, and many people assume that she is dead because of it. Her family still hopes that she might have simply run away, or will otherwise be returned home safely.