The Senseless Murder Of Mollie Olgin

The Senseless Murder Of Mollie Olgin

Kristene “Kris” Chapa and her girlfriend Mollie Olgin, a lesbian couple, were kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and then shot execution style while visiting a local Texas family park. The shooter was David Malcolm Strickland, a son of a pharmacist. Chapa survived the shooting, which her doctors considered an “amazing thing” because of the severe damage to her brain. Olgin, unfortunately, succumbed to her wounds and left family and friends devastated, pleading for justice.

An Unspeakable Act

The Violet Andrews Park in Portland, Texas is as beautiful as is it appears in its many photos. Overlooking the Corpus Christi Bay, this family-oriented park offers a scenic view and serene quiet. It was in this intimate setting that Kristene Chapa and her girlfriend of 5 months Mollie Olgin gravitated to on the evening of June 22, 2012.

So far, it had been a memorable date night for the couple.

During the evening, an unrecognizable figure approached the couple. A man wearing black leather gloves and a mask covering his face aggressively approached the couple. The assailant handed Chapa a roll of duct tape, forcing her to tie Mollie’s hands and then her own.

This assailant, later proven and convicted David Malcolm Strickland, 27, sexually assaulted both Mollie and Kristene.

Shot “Execution Style”

Once finished assaulting his victims, David produced a handgun, which ballistics later determined the model as a .45 Glock.

Positioning the gun’s barrel near inches away from each girl’s head, he mercilessly pulled back the trigger. It was shortly after midnight when the shots echoed through the empty park.

Mollie Olgin died almost as soon as the bullet entered her brain. Olgin, a first-year university student, would never attend another class.

Chapa was also shot, but by some miracle her life was spared, although at the time she didn’t realize it.A passerby found Chapa the next morning, and paramedics immediately rushed her to the local ER.


Kristene Chapa finally reopened her eyes. Her face was unrecognizable and doctors called her recovery an “amazing thing.” Chapa’s face was unrecognizable, however, her own siblings identifying their sister by her hands and feet.

Chapa’s recovery was long and rocky. Initially, Chapa couldn’t speak and used a clipboard and simple sign language to communicate with her family. But, at least she is alive today, although no one else but her can truly know of the horrific memory and losing her best friend that she feels.

Chapa’s brother wondered if the shooting was a hate crime. He told one reporter, “I know that Texas has a lot of stereotypes … but South Texas really is a good place,” he added. “You don’t see a lot of hate crimes going on down here. You don’t hear about gay bashing or anything like that.”

Mysterious Letter

David Malcolm Strickland was accused and convicted of the shooting of Kristene Chapa and the murder of her girlfriend Mollie Olgin. Police apprehended him in 2014 after a break in the case.

A letter had arrived at the Chapa home.

“I was told to deliver this or die. I can’t find her. Plz help.”

Although the letter blamed another person for the horrific crime, the Chapa family spotted a black sedan leaving the scene matching to the one owned by David Strickland. Police also checked cellphone reports which linked Strickland to the scene of the letter.

David Strickland smiling after arrest.

When police searched Strickland’s residence they discovered a modicum of evidence including a Glock .45 firearm and magazines; a Kimber .45 firearm and magazines; an after-market barrel and suppressor; Underarmor gloves; Federal .45 auto ammunition; and a backpack containing a condom, personal lubricant, flex handcuffs, an expandable baton, bolt cutters, pepper spray, a headlamp, an Underarmor glove, a knife, handcuffs, firearms holsters, a lock pick kit, chemical lights, a tourniquet and a magnesium fire starter.

David Strickland was no novice to crime and at the time of his arrest faced multiple other felonies, including breaking and entering a former friend’s home.

Sneered At Family

David Strickland was found guilty in 2016, charged with capital murder, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated assault, and will spend the rest of his life behind prison walls.

Strickland shows no remorse for his crime. In fact, David “sneered at Chapa and her family” during his trial and has shown no remorse for his crime.

Kristene Chapa sued David Strickland for the amount of $500 million dollars for damages. Also included in the lawsuit was David’s father, and owner of Taft Pharmacy (also named in lawsuit), Larry Joe Strickland.

Larry Strickland allegedly provided the handgun to his son, not aware of his intentions, but fully aware of David’s violent tendencies and history of crime.

What Now?

The shooting of Kristene Chapa and the murder of Mollie Olgin was as senseless as it was horrific. Chapa will always live with the scars and memories of that night at Violet Andrews Park and another monster will always be caged.