May 9, 2018

Brothers Shoot Abusive Father In Head, Jury Cheers

Brothers Nicholas and John were sick of seeing their father, Benjamin D’Amore, abuse his wife (their mother) and on November 29, 1949, the two put an end to his tyrannical reign.

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Revenge came suddenly with both a deer rifle and shotgun, almost completely blowing their father’s head off in the family's driveway’s Pennsylvania home

Acquitted by “All Mothers” Jury

Both Nicholas D’Amore and his brother John were acquitted in the shotgun murder of their father Benjamin by a jury composed of all mothers. After a two-hour deliberation, a non-guilty verdict was presented, followed by a courtroom of applause.

The brother’s defense attorney Albert Blumberg even asked the judge if he could “kiss the jurors” in which the judge replied, “It’s okay with the court.” I actually had to read that statement twice, because when has that ever happened before?

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Jurors deemed both brothers temporarily insane during when the shotgun trigger was pulled. Hey - their father was beating the hell out of their mother, I’d probably also go “temporarily insane.”

The Daily Item - Sanbury, Pennsylvania; January 10, 1950
Murder in Marple: The D’Amore Family Tragedy

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