The Mutilator William MacDonald Commited Some of The Most Gruesome Murders in Austrailian History

Published on August 4, 2020

The Mutilator, born Alan Ginsburg, but later changed his name to William Macdonald was born on June 17, 1924 in Liverpool England. The last son of a wealthy Orthodox Jewish family, in a Victorian manor, Macdonald had access to the finest education and opportunities that most families could not enjoy, especially living through the Great Depression era. However Macdonald did not excel in any school or sporting activities, was called an "idiot son" by his mother, was antisocial, and remained in the same grade until the age of 14.

Ginsburg brothers william macdonald
William MacDonald is on the right, he's the small one.

In 1939, the beginning of the second World War, William Macdonald dropped his studies and joined the Lanchester Fusiliers, a line infantry regiment of the British Army. Macdonald could not join the Air Force or British Navy due to his history of mental illness and his diagnosis of being schizophrenic. During his service MacDonald was raped by a superior and claims that this traumatic event set in motion the soon to be most brutal murders in Australian history.

William Macdonald identikit

William MacDonald was soon granted the moniker "The Mutilator" because of his obsession with castrating his victims post mortem.

mutilator victim william macdonald

MacDonald would cut off his victims' genitalia and testicles and throw them into the Sydney Harbour. Police divers would usually find the severed members resting at the bottom of the river. Police have not yet captured William MacDonald, and the press went wild with 'The Mutilator' story.

Ernest Cobbin William Macdonald victim

Sydney police would discover MacDonald's victims in such a mutilated state that many times it became near impossible to identify the bodies. There would be nearly 50 stab wounds to the face and neck of the victims, severed jugular veins, and blood splatter dripping from the walls and ceilings.

MacDonald would finally be apprehended after dumping his last victim under his apartment building and trying to flee the country. The Daily Mirror ran a story with the headline "The Case of the Walking Corpse" after police falsely identify William Macdonald as the victim and an ex-coworker spots him walking the streets.


William Macdonald was arrested and received life in prison after being deemed sane by a Sydney jury. After nearly killing a fellow inmate, he was sent to a mental hospital for sixteen long years before finally being sent back to prison. MacDonald was cured of his mental illness and lived a happy and solitary long life in prison.

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