Nate Ybanez Kills Mother Claimes History of Sexual and Physical Abuse

Though not every teenager is overly fond of their parents, most of us would agree that parents are annoying at worst. For Nate Ybanez, his mother was impossible to live with. Most sixteen-year-old boys don’t want to spend much time with their parents, but few actively plot to kill their own mother. Most boys also don’t have friends who would be willing to help them do it. Unfortunately for Julie Ybanez, her son and his friends were anything but ordinary.

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A History of Discord

Nate Ybanez was not the first high school student to smoke pot, and he certainly wouldn’t be the last. However, his drug use was one of many things that his parents were worried about., After catching him using drugs, his parents sent him up to Boulder for rehab. Nate was furious, and though he did seem to cut back on the weed, he began drinking instead. It seemed that no matter what Nate did, he wanted to cause problems. This was unfortunate for his parents, who were tasked with repeatedly punishing him in hopes that he would eventually straighten out.

Rather than understand his parents’ concern for him, Nate felt inconvenienced by it. When his parents split, it became the duty of his mother to fight him on his every reckless action.Over time, Nate’s hatred for his mother grew. He repeatedly vented to his friends about her, claiming that he wanted to kill her and was really going to do it. His friends mostly ignored him, but it was clear that Nate was growing more serious.

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Erik Jensen: Accomplice

Erik and Nate were in a high school band together, often enjoying time expressing themselves through punk music. They were very close, and it was often Erik who would hear Nate ranting about his mother. According to Nate, his parents wanted to send him to military school, and he was growing sick of the threats. He wanted to put an end to it, an end to his mom. He asked if Erik would help him and Erik declined. When he asked if Erik would help him to get rid of her if he did it, Erik said yes.

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According to Erik, he didn’t believe that Nate would go through with it. So, when he arrived at Nate’s home and witnessed Nate charging his own mother with fireplace tools, it came as quite a shock. Immediately, Nate went to work killing his mother.

The Murder

He attacked her without mercy, repeatedly striking her in the head, tackling her to the ground, and trying to kill her. Julie, his mother, fought every step of the way. She held out despite the horror that was being pushed upon her. Nate repeatedly attacked her, calling out to Erik to help him. At first, Erik refused, but then he helped Nate to finish the job. Despite the horrible assault that she endured, Julie was ultimately strangled to death by her own son.

Nate and Erik realized very quickly what kind of situation they were in. They immediately reached out to Brett, another member of the band. When he arrived, the boys were covered in blood. Nate began barking orders about cleaning up the scene, and the boys set to work. They cleaned the walls, the carpet, and wrapped Julie up in a rug.

Near the small suburban area, there was an outdoor area called Daniel’s Park. Daniel’s Park was land and nature tucked away near the edge of the city. It had large dropoffs, and plenty of brush to cover up a body. The boys planned to dispose of the body here, and it would have worked, at least for a short while. However, their plans were foiled when a squad car drove by.

Jail Time

When a police officer spots three blood-covered young men trying to pull a bloody rug from a car, they know that it is time to call for backup. The boys were immediately arrested for their crimes and taken away. In the end, Brett made a deal to dodge jail time by giving his statement. Erik and Nate were both charged as adults for first-degree murder and were sentenced to life in prison.

A History of Abuse

Nate ultimately told a very different story of what pushed him to kill his own mother. He detailed a long history of physical and sexual abuse, making claims that his mother had done many terrible things to him over the years. He claimed that she was controlling and threatening, and even stated that she had bugged his phone. Many believe that there might be some truth to these claims because no normal child would mercilessly kill a parent. Unfortunately, we will likely never know the truth. Regardless, Nate and Erik will spend their lives in prison for their crimes.


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  • Erik Jensen was released from prison and Nathan Ybanez is now eligible for parole thanks to sentence commutations by Governors Hickenlooper and Polis. A simple Google search would have provided you with this information. I think your perspective here is irresponsible at best. These men were children when they were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, yet you’re treating them merely as fodder used to “terrify the general public.”

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