Who Killed Nevaeh Buchanan?

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On May 24th, 2009 five-year-old Nevaeh disappears in broad daylight after riding her scooter. Her body was found buried alive near the River Raisin in Monroe, Michigan. Who killed Nevaeh Buchanan?


Here is a good timeline of events I found

Websleuths forum discussing the Nevaeh Buchanan case

CNN article from July 6, 2010 that interviews the mother Jennifer Buchanan

Newspaper article from Detroit Free Press June 5th describing the fisherman finding Nevaeh’s body

In this video you can see the location of the body and the steepness of the terrain

Autopsy report excerpt

Here’s an article from the Toledo Blade on May 24th, 2013 describing the two sex offenders that were arrested

Nancy Grace tears the mother a new one – the links are in the thread, you have to scroll down

The suspect & sex offender George Kennedy write-up from the Detroit Free Press from May 28, 2009

George Kennedy arrest page OTIS

A child witness claims that Nevaeh went into the woods to meet “Daddy George”

Monroe County Sheriff’s office discusses if this case could be solved



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