TikTok Influencer with 600k Followers Was Just Arrested As A Serial Killer

TikTok Influencer with 600k Followers Was Just Arrested As A Serial Killer

TikTok, a platform with the potential to revolutionize the world and improve human life, has instead become a hub of mediocrity filled with tween dances, dumb challenges, and a public desperate for validation. Speaking of which, have you subscribed to my TikTok yet?

It's hardly surprising that an "influencer" was caught as a "slaughterer of women." Now, the only thing he should focus on influencing is his 350-pound, testosterone-fueled cellmate who goes by the name Martha.

Anyway, here’s this asshat in all his glory.


The Discovery

On May 16, 2024, the body of an unknown woman was found lying in the road in Port Said Governorate, Egypt. This gruesome discovery would unravel a series of heinous crimes committed by a man who would come to be known as the "New Cairo Slaughterer”. The woman was found without clothes, a stark indication of the brutality she had endured.

The Modus Operandi

The killer, identified as 37-year-old Karim, had a chilling method. Addicted to the drug ice (Shabu) or crystal meth, he forced his victims to take the drug until they died. He found his victims through the internet, cafes, and nightclubs, targeting sex workers because, as he admitted, “getting rid of them is easy, as no one asks about them.” Describing himself as a “sadist,” he would tie up the girls, beat them, and force them to take ice so they wouldn’t scream. Authorities linked him to at least six victims, although only three bodies have been found so far.

The Murders

Karim's sadistic tendencies were evident in his confessions. He admitted to torturing his victims to death, then transporting their bodies by car and disposing of them on desert roads. He would use a sleeping pill in juice to knock his victims unconscious, and some were even hanged. The bodies were found in desert areas along the Ismailia and Port Said roads, showing signs of severe torture. The discovery of another body on Saturday, April 13, further confirmed the pattern. All three victims had narcotics in their systems, used to incapacitate them before their deaths.

The accused admitted during the investigations that he used to get to know the girls, take them to his residence, and take narcotic substances, after which he used to give them consciousness-altering drugs, then kill them and film those clips using his two phones. – RT.com

The Confession

Karim's confession was as chilling as his crimes. He admitted to torturing the victims to death and filming the murders, which provided evidence of other women he had killed. He claimed he started killing after being betrayed by his wife before their divorce, seeking revenge on women who had multiple relationships. During the investigations, he revealed that he would get to know the girls, take them to his residence, give them consciousness-altering drugs, then kill them and film the acts using his two phones.

The Arrest

Karim was arrested in his residence in the Fifth Settlement, an upscale neighborhood in Cairo. During the arrest, authorities found the third body. DNA evidence linked him to the murders, and he was labeled the "Thug of the Gathering." However, this may be a mistranslation. The accused admitted he did not remember how many women he had killed.


Karim's background was a stark contrast to his crimes. He was a graduate of the American University in Cairo (AUC) and held American citizenship. He had been separated from his wife for five months and had a 10-year-old child with her. He was self-employed and had over 600,000 followers on TikTok, although his account was removed. He had been working as a teacher in a well-known international school and was renting the upscale apartment where he committed his crimes. He had even asked the property owner to install soundproofing, a chilling detail in hindsight.

The Aftermath

The New Cairo Slaughterer's case is a harrowing reminder of the depths of human depravity. His calculated and sadistic actions, driven by a twisted sense of revenge, left a trail of tortured and murdered women. While justice may be served, the scars left on the victims' families and the community will take much longer to heal.

Additional Details

Karim's crimes were uncovered through a combination of surveillance footage and forensic evidence. Major General Mahmoud Abu Omra, Assistant Minister of Interior for General Security, formed a task force to investigate the crimes. The breakthrough came after a report of a woman’s body found on the desert road to Ismailia, followed by another in Port Said, both with similar injuries. Authorities are intensifying efforts to locate the remaining victims and are examining missing person reports from Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza.

Karim's TikTok presence, under the handle "Hooked On Fonix," was a facade that hid his monstrous activities. His videos, which taught American slang and ways of speaking, garnered a significant following, masking the true nature of his character. The discovery of his crimes has sent shockwaves through social media, raising questions about the safety and security of women in Egypt.

His TikTok

The New Cairo Slaughterer's case is a stark reminder of the dangers lurking behind seemingly ordinary facades. It underscores the importance of vigilance and the need for robust measures to protect vulnerable individuals from predators like Karim.


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