Florida Man Ripped Out Girlfriend’s Guts During “Rough Sex”

Florida Man Ripped Out Girlfriend’s Guts During “Rough Sex”

“She was having fun.”

Fidel Lopez struggled to hold his cellphone still, but his hands were far too shaky. In his twenty-five years of life, this was the first time he’s ever had to call 911. The dispatcher, having trouble understanding the screaming man, tried to get him to calm down. “Sir, breathe… just relax… talk slower please…” But how could Lopez relax when his girlfriend, Maria, was “not breathing” on the couple’s bathroom floor?

When the first responders arrived, Lopez was still in a desperate struggle to resuscitate her. He was doing everything he could do for her. In fact, the paramedic had to tear him away from her lifeless body. “Baby! Don’t do this to me!”

Everyone else at the scene could see the apartment walls painted in human blood, the carpet ruined by an orgy of crimson spillage, but yet, the distraught boyfriend, although seemingly in crises over the circumstances, appeared freshly showered. His hands were clean, as if he had just walked in and found the love of his life like this.

RIP Maria Nemeth, 1984–2015. Source.


“At Colonnade Residences, we don’t just offer you an apartment home, we offer you a lifestyle of convenience.”

Maria Lizette Nemeth never wanted to spend her life as a resident of the Colonnade Apartments in Sunrise, Florida, and she certainly never intended to die there.

Police and paramedics who responded to the couple’s apartment at 11630 NW 128th Terrace. Source.

It’s not that Nemeth didn’t like her job working in her apartment complex's office. As the assistant manager, her pay was desirable, plus there were the obvious perks of — basically — working from home. But now, at thirty-one-years-old and still fresh from her divorce, Maria Nemeth had her eyes open for new opportunities.

She also wasn’t fully confident that her new boyfriend, Fidel Lopez, was right for her. He seemed nice when he approached her for the first time at the club, but now that once-hot-flame seemed colder as each day passed.

For starters, she didn’t like when he drank — especially Tequila 1800, his favorite, because it made him mean, savage even, and concerning for sure. He also had two children of his own (with his ex) and she didn’t like the thought of fully committing to a family that was not hers. Finally, Fidel Lopez was too young, six years her junior, and still too immature. They had only been together for a year when she started to rethink their relationship.

Night Out

“We’ve got a problem.” — Boward County Medical Examiner

Watching Fidel Lopez explain to the two seasoned detectives staring at him across the interview table is as frustrating for anyone watching as it was to them. For the court's sake, though, letting a suspect lie through his teeth for an entire hour helps to confirm their guilt. Or in this case, the watching the mind of a monster; a truly evil man.

September 20th, 2015, started like any other day for Maria Nemeth. Although it was Sunday, Maria worked in the office, finishing up some paperwork for the week ahead. She didn’t mind; she enjoyed staying busy. Plus, she was leaving early so that she and Fidel could meet his mother in Miami at 7pm. They all met at Chili’s, a family favorite, enjoyed a round of chips, and she and Fidel gulped down two margaritas each.

The date went well, and although she was tired, she wasn’t ready to close her eyes just yet. On the way back to their apartment, CCTV showed police that Lopez and Nemeth purchased a few provisions. Mainly a pack of condoms and Tequila 1800.

Rough Sex

“She gets a little crazy when she drinks.” — Fidel Lopez during police interview

The two detectives remained transfixed on Fidel’s words. Although they sure didn’t want to hear the intimate details of a couple’s sex routine, but for the sake of bringing justice to an innocent woman, they asked Lopez to explain everything that happened.

He told them that Maria was far more sexually experienced than him; that he had only “done 69” a few times, but according to Lopez, would do “everything she told me to do”, no matter how rough — or how much pain — she was experiencing.

It’s obvious to the detectives at this point that their suspect is still lying, but they let him tell the story his way, no matter how absurd.

“She started getting crazy… she asked me to do the thing with the arm… you know?” — Fidel Lopez during interview

When asked to explain what he meant by “thing with the arm”, Lopez claimed Maria was really drunk and wanted him to put his “arm in her pussy.” According to Lopez’s story, they were inside the master bedroom closet when the “rough sex” began.

Fidel Lopez telling detectives how his girlfriend wanted several objects inside her. Source.

He continued, “I want you to put a bottle in my pussy,” she then told him. Being the concerned boyfriend, he asked her, “baby are you sure?”. Detectives knew that Maria certainly did not want him to continue, as she would have been in excruciating pain at this point. Hopefully, they thought, this poor girl was unconscious enough to not feel the monster rip her apart.

As the sex got rougher, the bedroom closet got bloodier; but being a caring boyfriend, Pedro was doing what she wanted done — at least if you were to believe his story.

According to Lopez, she wanted everything inside of her that night. A beer bottle — sure! An arm — yup. How about a hair straightening iron? Why not?

Blood was everywhere inside the apartment. Source.

At one point, during “rough sex” and while Fidel’s arm — up to his elbow — was inside Maria’s vagina, she complained about feeling sick. “She was telling me, ‘I need to throw up.’”

Insides Out

According to Fidel, Maria felt sick during rough sex and walked to the bathroom. EMTs found her lifeless body in the bathroom, lying naked on her back just inside the doorway. But she sure as hell didn’t walk there by herself, since they also found her intestines down the hall and inside the bedroom closet.

According to Fidel, somehow, even in the bathroom, completely gutless with a few less pints of blood flowing through her veins, Maria Nemeth still wanted to have sex. In fact, she was basically begging for it.

“Baby, are you sure?”
“Yes, it’s not hurting.” She told him.

As Lopez continued to pump his arm back and forth, simulating how badly Maria yearned for his manhood inside her, the detectives appeared speechless for several awkward seconds.

Fidel Lopez explaining putting his arm (to the elbow) inside of her. Source.
“There were also what appeared to be several chunks of blood tissue on the floor inside the closet.” — from the arrest report of Fidel Lopez.

The medical examiner at the scene couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Her insides are ripped out,” he told the detective on the phone. The detective, struggling to shove the awful image from his mind, offered the latest findings to the man sitting across the table from him.

“At some point, the stuff inside of her (the detective paused briefly, stunned by what he was saying)… the stuff inside of her came out. Part of her insides, from inside her body, are on the floor in the closet.”

Fidel Lopez shot back, “she was having fun, not like a scream of pain. She was having fun.”

That her insides have been removed had other disturbing implications. Her body was not punctured. In fact, no knife or sharp tool had been used to gain access to her internals to begin with. So how did they fall out of her and into the closet?

The truth seemed too incomprehensible to even imagine.

Making the same pumping motion as Fidel had earlier displayed, the detective asked him in a serious tone, “when you put in your fist, did you do this (pumping motion)? And when you pulled out, did you have any tissue in your hand?”

There was only one exit possible that the victim’s insides could have escaped — through her vagina. Furthermore, without a knife to access the intestines, there was only one method he could have extracted them. Using nothing but his bare hand, Fidel Lopez ripped Maria’s internal lining, exposing her intestines, which he then grabbed and pulled out.

Fidel Lopez has been considered a “monster” by all the major news networks, and no one who hears what he did could really argue differently. Later during his police interview, Lopez had admitted that he murdered Maria Nemeth, and did so because she had called out the name of her ex-husband twice during their rough sex.

Lopez will spend the rest of his life behind prison walls; locked away, like the monster he is.