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Pee Wee Gaskins’ Big Murdering Adventure

Jon tells the shocking story through the words of one of history’s most twisted serial killers, Pee Wee Gaskins from Florence, South Carolina, who claims 105 victims.


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Differential association from the criminology profession

Serial killer classifications, processed-focused killers

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Hosted by
Jon Perry

Hey y'all I'm the main story teller on our podcast episodes. You can suggest stories for me to cover by leaving a comment on any post on this site, which I will see and respond to. If you want to listen and subscribe to the podcast just search Talk Murder To Me in any podcasting app. Thanks for reading, please share!

  • Pee Wee Herman’s real name is Paul Reubens (yes I knew this without Google)!  I was a big Pee Wee advocate (before the theater incident) as a child and had the talking doll and everything.  

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