113 | Phoebe’s Fall

On December 2, 2010 at 7:09pm Phoebe Handsjuk’s deceased body was discovered by the hotel concierge. Investigators surmised that Phoebe plummeted down 12 flights where her foot was severed by the garbage compacter. Her cause of death was labeled as “multiple injuries” from the coroner’s report and her foot was severed by the sharp blades which caused uncontrolled hemorrhaging.

The most perplexing aspect of this case is did Phoebe climb into the garbage chute herself or was she thrown in by somebody else?


View Coroner’s Inquest here.

View Ret. Detective Lorne Campbell’s Statement here.

What about the boyfriend? Perhaps he had something to do with Phoebe’s death? Antony Hampel, 43 was nearly twice Phoebe’s age and is strongly suspected by many Australian’s as her killer. Antony is the son of a retired Supreme Court Judge, which has in the past battled intense allegations of “pulling strings” with local law enforcement. For example, Antony’s sister escaped federal charges after getting busted for selling cocaine by serving a minuscule amount of community service. Could Handsjuk’s death be an elaborate cover-up?

This case takes another twist when Phoebe’s blood is discovered inside her apartment, on her computer mouse, on the floor, and on the door leading into the hall. Did Phoebe simply cut herself on a broken wine glass or was there a physical struggle for survival?

Investigators surmise that Phoebe died within 18-30 minutes of falling down the garbage chute, but since her death was at first considered a suicide, little effort was made to map out an exact time of death for her. Above is the last known captured footage at 11:43am (the murder day) of Phoebe as she was leaving her apartment during a fire alarm.

What do you think happened to Phoebe Handsjuk? Murder or Suicide?

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