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Teenage Love-Triangle Ends In Bloody Love-Struck Murder

Rachel Wade is a convicted murderer from Pinellas Park, Florida. On the night of April 14, 2009, Rachel fatally stabbed romantic rival Sarah Ludemann after the two had been viciously battling on social media about dating the same boy, Josh Camacho. Rachel Wade was found guilty of the murder of Sarah Ludemann and sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison.

Listen to "257 | Killer Cat Fight // Rachel Wade & Sarah Ludemann" on Spreaker.

Pimp Daddy

Rachel Wade (left) and Sarah Ludemann (right) were both fighting over Joshua Camacho.

Rachel Wade (left) and Sarah Ludemann (right) were both fighting over Joshua Camacho.

Josh Camacho, 19 at the time of the murder, was the object of desire for both Sarah Ludemann and Rachel Wade, as well as another girl, Erin Slothower, who was already raising Camacho’s baby.

Police called Josh Camacho a “player” and friends of Rachel's and Sarah’s called him a “moocher”. However, during his court appearance, Josh called all three women “friends with benefits”.

A search of Camacho’s social media accounts at the time revealed that he likes to be called Papi Chulo, which translates to ‘Pimp Daddy’. Josh drifted from one menial job to the next, still living with his parents after graduating, and not supporting the baby he made with Erin Slothower.

Jamie Severino, a close friend of Erin’s and the mother of Josh’s brother’s child, stated that “They were all supporting him, buying him clothes, buying his shoes, paying his cellphone bill, and they all knew about each other.”

Sarah Ludemann would post photos of her and Josh on her Myspace wanting Rachel to see them.

Sarah Ludemann would post photos of her and Josh on her Myspace wanting Rachel to see them.

The night before the murder of Sarah Ludemann, Josh Camacho was staying at Rachel’s apartment.

Josh could juggle at least three girls, although others who knew Camacho claimed at least five to six women by playing off their different schedules. For instance, Rachel Wade, a waitress at Applebees, worked dayshifts and couldn’t see Josh until the evening time. Sarah Ludemann, who was working on her veterinarian degree, had a ten o’clock curfew, so could only see Josh during the daytime.

Erin Slothower’s schedule didn’t matter to Josh Camacho, because she was already caring for his baby, so he was ‘locked in’ per-say.

The Night Before the murder

Josh had spent the night with Rachel Wade, although the next day he saw Sarah Ludemann. Rachel found out and drove over to front Sarah about this infidelity.

"Now I know why you're not talking to me—because you got her," Rachel texted to Josh.

"That's right," Josh wrote back. "I don't like you no more. Why are you down this street? Go home."

"No. I'll wait for her to go home," Rachel texted back.

Witnesses who were around heard Rachel yell through the speakerphone, “I’m going to stab you and your Mexican boyfriend.”

Good Girl vs. Bad Girl

Rachel Wade murdered Sarah Ludemann after she and her friend jumped her at her apartment.

Rachel Wade murdered Sarah Ludemann after she and her friend jumped her at her apartment.

Before Sarah Ludemann fell for Josh Camacho, she was a straight A’s student working on her future as a veterinarian. What she saw in Josh, Lord only knows.

But she fell psychotically in love with this guy. Jamie Servino said that “Sarah was craaazy [sic] about Josh.”

A once good person, now Ludemann began tormenting her romantic rival, showing up at Rachel’s work, Applebees, and terrorizing her.

Pubic boxing and shouting matches became the norm. Myspace name calling became a source of entertainment for those who were familiar with the drama.

Rachel Wade was Josh’s ex-girlfriend and the one who killed Sarah Ludemann. She quit school at 16, where her highschool yearbook named her “the biggest flirt”.

Straight Through The Heart

Dr. John Thogmartin performed the autopsy on Sarah Ludemann. In his report, he describes the fatal wound penetrated Sarah’s left breast and punctured the heart.

Rachel stabbed Sarah so hard that the knife's blade became completely bent.

Rachel stabbed Sarah so hard that the knife's blade became completely bent.

The knife was a razor-sharp steak knife that was thrusted with so much force, the entire blade bent after hitting Sarah’s ribcage.

Rachel Wade received 27 years in prison for the murder of Sarah Ludemann. She is currently serving her sentence.


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Rachel Wade (19) stabbed Sarah Ludemann (18) to death over an on-again, off-again boyfriend

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