The 3-Day Drug-Crazed, and Mutilation Sex Orgy With Robert Beckowitz... or at least his 14 pieces

Jonathan Harker
  Published on May 11, 2022   

Robert Beckowitz was the unfortunate casualty of a drug-crazed sex orgy that involved his mutilated and sawed off body parts. The shocking photos were leaked over 20 years ago and are now reemerging via the extremely popular TikTok app. One law enforcement officer informed media that the Robert Beckowitz death photographs were "as bad as any I've ever seen. I've seen pictures of shotgun blasts to the face or decomposing bodies, and these pictures are just as bad."


What Happens In Detroit..

On July 17th 1982, a frantic-sounding woman calls 911 with an inconceivable murder story. This woman, Jeannine Clark, 21, claimed she was watching the ‘Benny Hill Show’ at her boyfriend's home, Robert Beckowitz, 33, 19300 Block of Woodbine in Northwest Detroit, when Beckowitz was shot in the back of the head by a friend.


Clark insisted that 3 days preceding her phone call, Robert's friend, James Edward Glover, 33, produced a 45 caliber revolver and with no warning shot Robert Beckowitz at point blank range.

James Glover then stabbed Beckowitz 83 times.

You, Me, (and his) 14 Pieces

Jeannine Clark then declared that for the next 3 days Glover forced her to take part in a drug-fueled dismemberment and sex orgy party, using the corpse of Beckowitz as a masturbatory aid.


The duo took plenty of photos of their heinous crimes.

Using a hacksaw "borrowed from his parents", Glover commenced cutting up the body of Robert Beckowitz. Police later found 14 body parts scattered throughout the Detroit home.


A Night To Dismember

Even though 21-year-old Jeannine Clark asserted Glover ordered her to take part in this twisted sex and mutilation party, a jury still found her guilty of mutilating a corpse.


Neighbors testified that during those 3 days, Clark was not under duress or being held captive around the home. Furthermore, Jeannine Clark purchased the camera film roll used to take the gruesome photos of Robert Beckowitz.

According to the Detroit Free Press, "THE PETITE, red-haired Clark, wearing blue jeans, a red jersey and moccasins, sobbed and wept as she stood before Detroit District Judge Wendy Baxter and said she was prepared to stand trial on a charge of mutilating a corpse. Clark, speaking in a barely audible choked voice, said, “I'm all right," when Baxter asked whether she needed time to compose herself."


Jeannine served 6 years for her participation in the crime.

Neither they would charge James nor Jeannine with Necrophilia, because there is no law in Michigan condemning its practice.

Prosecutors determined that James Glover and Jeannine Clark were having an intense affair that Robert Beckowitz was unaware of.

James Glover, 37, was found mentally competent and charged with second-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, and using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

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