How Serial Killer Robert Garrow Haunted The Adirondack Mountains During One Of The Biggest Manhunts

Published on October 9, 2018

There are some people who are simply not like the rest of us. These individuals, whether born or made, are known to commit terrible crimes. For these criminals, it is as if humanity does not exist. People are not real to them, and it shows in their every action. In the case of Robert Garrow, it was all too obvious that he did not see other people as equal. Instead, he seemed to fancy himself a predator who was actively stalking prey. With this serial rapist and murderer, no one was safe. A Disturbingly Violent Childhood There is plenty of research that has been done on children who do not experience proper social development, and Robert Garrow was undoubtedly an isolated child. Raised on a farm with no friends, he had only his family and the farm animals for company. According to his siblings, the Garrow home was one of incredible violence, and Robert was frequently a target. His parents were known to violently beat him with a wide range of weapons that would make any parent lose custody immediately. Over time, Robert got big enough to defend himself and started to frequently fight with his father, a known alcoholic. This carried on until Robert was sent away to a school for troubled youths. Thrown From The Air Force Over time, Robert showed that he could not be trusted. Despite the honorable decision to join the Air Force, it became apparent quickly that he was not an honorable man in the slightest. Not only did he suffer from bed-wetting, a fact which his fellow military members frequently commented on, which is known as a common trait among serial killers, but he was a thief. Robert stole from his commanding officer and was immediately court-martialed. He was sentenced to only six months but ended up in a military prison for an additional year after he tried to escape. A Growing Sexual Sickness In court, Garrow openly admitted that he was known to partake in many different deviant behaviors, even from a young age. On the record, he confessed to regularly having sex with the animals on the farm and even admitted to using milking machines designed for cows as a tool for masturbation. According to Garrow, this started when he was only ten years old. Later, he would finally be intimate with a woman, who he immediately married. However, this proved not to be enough for him, as he quickly began having an affair with a male neighbor who would reportedly beat him and photograph him. As you might suspect, his deviant sexual behaviors only continued to grow and his long list of victims began. Over time, Garrow repeatedly raped several different young girls and women, often kidnapping them with a fake gun and threatening to kill them. In one instance, he abducted two elementary school-aged girls and forced them into terrible sexual situations before releasing them a short while later. In another instance, he found a young couple hooking up, forcibly knocked out the young man, then proceeded to rape the young woman. He also admitted to abducting and raping women for days at a time, often killing them if they tried to escape. The Murders It is unclear exactly when Garrow first transitioned to killing as a viable way to solve his problems, but soon it became normal for him. As he stole, raped, and threatened young people from all over, he also started killing them, often stabbing them to death. It comes as no surprise that he quickly found himself with a mob of people after him. His name and image were being spread far and wide, and a full-on manhunt taking place in his area. In the end, he was shot and imprisoned for his crimes. The Escape After a lifetime of criminal behavior, Garrow clearly had no interest in slowing down. Even after he was sentenced for rape, murder, and a wide range of other charges, he planned to continue his treachery. When he was placed in prison, it was not long before he was planning to escape. Using a rather complex plan, he was able to escape the prison that he was meant to die in. Fortunately, the police were able to find him. Unfortunately for him, he made the decision to exchange gunfire with the police. In the battle, Garrow was shot and killed, leaving the world a little safer once and for all.

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