Robert Maudsley “Hannibal The Cannibal” Tasted His Victims Brain With A Spoon

Robert Maudsley is a four times convicted murderer and cannibal whose story influenced Thomas Harris’ novel The Silence of the Lambs. Maudsley is serving four life sentences and is has spent over 45 years in solitary confinement.

Robert Maudsley was born as one of twelve siblings in Toxteth, Liverpool in June 1953. He was the abused by his father (an alcoholic truck driver) and a drug-addicted mother. Maudsley was abused by both his mother and father and was taken to a Catholic orphanage in Cropsey Merseyside when he was only two years old.

At six, his parents readopted him and lived the next ten years in a home of heavy abuse. Robert’s father beat his son, locked him in a closet, and raped him often.

Maudsley drifted to London at 16 and worked as a rent boy (male prostitute) to fund his drug habit. During sex, Maudsley would dissociate himself from his environment during sex by his heavy drug use.

John Farrell was the first victim of Maudsley and the only person he’s murdered outside of prison, he’s killed three other men while incarcerated. Farrell was a recently divorced day labourer who would pick up teenagers like Robert Maudsley, among other young men. According to several sources, John Farrell and Robert Maudsley were ‘dating’ for several months.

On March 14, 1974, Robert Maudsley murdered John Farrell after Farel showed him several photos of involving Farell and younger pre-teens. The photos of the preteens having sex with John Farrell triggers Maudsley and ends in a brutal strangulation. According to Maudsley, he killed his victim while he dissociated into a “fog”.

Robert Maudsley was arrested and received a life sentence at Broadmoor Hospital, which is where he would kill his next victim, a sex-offender named David Francis, three years later. They subjected Francis to a nine-hour torture session by Maudsley and another inmate, David Cheeseman. While nurses and guards watched in horror, the two inmates tortured the sex-offender until he eventually died of a slit throat.

According to several sources, the guards entering the boot room where Farrel was murdered found a canteen spoon stuck inside the victim’s brain. According to the true crime writings of Alan R. Warren, “They believed it was Maudsley who took his spoon and sampled Francis’ brain. How much was actually eaten was unknown.”

They sent both Maudsley and his accomplice to Wakefield prison to serve the rest of his life behind prison walls. It is at this location where Maudsley claims his next two and final victims, a 46-year-old sex offender Salney Darwood, and a 56-year-old child molester William Roberts. Darwood was found in Maudsley’s room, tucked under his bunk with several stab wounds and a spoon sticking out of his ear. When guards pulled the spoon out of Darwood’s ear, “brain matter spilled to the floor.”

Robert Maudsley is still alive and serving his sentence at Wakefield Prison in solitary confinement.

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  • I have realized that this dude hates people like his father. They were ALL either sex offenders or Child abusers. The brain thing I don’t know where it’s from but could just be a whim of the moment. (I just wanted to say that)

  • He NEVER ate anyone’s brain, he is NOT a cannibal. What he IS is a very disturbed man due to a horrific childhood who needs professional medical help, not to be tortured for the rest of his life. It’s disgusting that a pedophile, who ruins a life FOREVER, will be in jail 4 or 5 years only to be released to do it all over again, while this very sick man rots in a cell for saving untold children’s lives. It’s barbaric and denies him his basic human rights.

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