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Canadian Serial Killer Robert ‘Willy’ Pickton Slaughted Numerous Women On His Disgusting Hog Farm

Horror films are often scary because they can give a realistic insight into the mind of a killer. If there is one common theme among many horror films, it is the idea of young men and women partying before something absolutely terrible happened. In this case, Willie Pickton, a notorious serial killer, was the terrible thing that happened.

willie robert pickton hanging up pig

The Farm

Willie Pickton lived on a farm with his brother, but they had other dreams for the farm. After filling out some paperwork and making some new claims, the two brothers began using their farm to host a wide range of events and parties.

The parties and events at the farm were known for being a bit different. Many of the parties involved sex workers and events of that nature while others were raves directed towards college students. The parties varied in type and company, but they were always large high-energy events.

robert pickton pig farm in port coquitlam

The farm served as the perfect backdrop for many of these parties, with plenty of them holding thousands of guests. It was far enough away for partygoers to feel like they could really let loose. Unfortunately, it was this truth that led to the death of many.

The Disappearances

Over time, it became apparent that some of the guests that attended parties or events at these venues never got to leave. In fact, many of them were known to have disappeared completely, right under the noses of their friends. Guests, particularly young women, were going missing in the area, and police began to grow suspicious.

missing women robert willie pickton

The Search

Police were able to gain access to the property and begin searching for any evidence of the young women who had gone missing over the years. As police began to search the property, they stumbled across one grizzly scene after another. All around the property, human remains could be found. There were bodies everywhere, or at least what was left of them. It was nothing short of a horror show.

The more police searched, the more that they found. There were bodies that had been completely dismembered. Skulls had been cut in half. Body parts had been shoved inside of other body parts. It wasn’t just a crime scene where a large number of killings had occurred. It was nothing short of a torture chamber.

The Meat

One of the more concerning theories surrounding the large number of bodies on the property was the possibility that Willie had been putting human meat in with the animal meat. Some believed that Willie was actively selling human remains, causing health announcements to be sent out to the potentially impacted. One of Pickton’s close friends said that he believed Pickton was feeding people to the bigs to help clean up the remains.


Willie Pickton was charged for a number of the killings, ultimately earning him the largest sentence that a person can receive in his area. The horrors of what went on at his home will never be forgotten, but in the very least, they were ultimately brought to an end. Willie Pickton will die behind bars, making the world a much safer place for everyone.

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