Ronald Gene Simmons Wanted His Entire Family DEAD By Christmas... his wish was granted.

Jonathan Harker
  Published on June 21, 2022   

Ronald Gene Simmons was a 'family annihilator' responsible for the brutal slayings of 16 victims, 14 of which were in his family. The media will often refer to these gruesome killings as the "Christmas Killings" because they started on December 22, 1987 and continued through Christmas day. The State of Arkansas executed for his crimes Ronald Gene Simmons, after former president Bill Clinton signed off on his lethal injection execution.

There seemed to be absolutely no way to stop Ronald Gene Simmons from killing his entire family. And while hindsight is 20/20, it feels now like the family should have expected their grisly ends. I guess that's really not fair to say, because, not everyone, and I am referring to the small children in the home, knew what was really going on in their father's head. A chemistry mixed with tragic war events, a hatred for your wife, the lusting over your own daughter, and, of course, a steady supply of whiskey to silence the internal screaming.

Perhaps his wife, who by now completely separated from her husband, although still trapped under his roof, should have seen the signs. Perhaps those signs were obvious, but covered up by her one last wish.


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