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Ronnie Oneal Screamed Allah Akbar After Killing Girlfriend And Autistic Daughter

Ronnie O’neal is an American murderer convicted of killing his wife, Kenyatta Barron, his daughter, Ron’niveya O’Neal, and attempting to kill his son, Ronnie O’Neal IV, before setting his home on fire. This disturbing case became a public spectacle after Ronnie O’Neal defending himself, yelling at the jury for several minutes, and then cross-examining his own son to prove his innocence.

Dispatchers received a 911 call at 11:43pm on March 19, 2018, at the home location of 13248 Pike Lake Drive, Florida.

The distraught caller was Kenyatta Barron and they can hear her in the background screaming “I’m shot, help me please” and also while in tears, repeating “I’m so sorry.”

Ronnie Oneal Florida home where he murdered his entire family.

Ronnie Oneal Florida home where he murdered his entire family.

Six minutes later, at 11:49pm, dispatchers received a second call from the same residence, but this time the caller was a male, Ronnie O’Neal. He told the dispatcher, “I just been attacked. Keke (Kenyatta) tried to kill me.”

Deputies arrive on scene at 11:49pm, and they immediately discover Kenyatta lying in the front yard. Emergency service attempts to save her, but she had already passed.

Soon after, a fire emerges from the home, easily noticed since the home had no lights on when police arrived.

Allah Akbar

Ronnie O’Neal emerges from the garage and behind him there are flames. Ronnie is not cooperating with police officers and deputies use their Tasers to stop him. The Tasers only slow down the screaming man, who is now yelling, “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!” (God is good) and police throw him into a squad car.

Ronnie ONeal claimed that "white ghost" were in his home which is why he started screaming Allah Akbar.

Ronnie ONeal claimed that "white ghost" were in his home which is why he started screaming Allah Akbar.

Ronnie O’Neal could get away with the murder of his entire family as there are no other witnesses to the murder and he had earlier called 911 exclaiming, “Keke tried to kill me.”

A good lawyer could bring a strong self-defense argument. However, fate would not let the deranged Ronnie Oneal get away with murder.

With the home now in flames, 9-year-old Ronnie O’Neal IV stumbles out of the garage. According to the police report, “he was covered in blood and was observed with a severe abdominal injury and burns.”

30% of little Ronnie’s body had been burned.

The child is quick to reveal to police what really happened that night. “My father shot my mother,” he told them

Bloody Pulp

Kenyatta Barron was only 33 years old when her life was ripped away by her boyfriend.

Kenyatta Barron was only 33 years old when her life was ripped away by her boyfriend.

Erica Worthy, friend of Kenyatta Barron, said about her, “that was a good woman, very sweet. She used to help my son with math.”

Kenyatta had both gunshot wounds and blunt trauma injuries to her face and upper body. Crime scene investigators discovered shotgun pellets in her skin. The shotgun was recovered; it had been broken down into several pieces and found near the body.

There was a gunshot wound to her right back shoulder and another much larger wound to her right elbow.

Ronnie broke her right arm into two separate places.

She suffered many injuries to her head, including 15 separate lacerations, abrasions, and contusions to her face and head. These wounds were caused by being beaten with the shotgun.

Keke’s skull was fractured in 7 places, her jaw and several facial bones were fractured, and she had several fractures to the base of her skull.

Teeth were missing out of her mouth, clear that she was hit there with the shotgun butt.

Kenyatta Barron’s cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Killed Daughter With Ax

9-year-old Ron’Niveya Oneal was brutally murdered by her father on the night of March 19, 2018, after Ronnie murdered her mother.

Ron’Niveya suffered multiple stab wounds and was already deceased when police found her body, which was still in the burning home.

Ron’Niveya was non-verbal and on the Autism Spectrum.

The surviving child describes how his father used an axe in a chopping motion down on Ron’Niveya’s skull.

The Child Fatality Summary report shows that a “penetrating, chop, and blade wound to head, neck, torso” was Ron’Niveya’s cause of death. She also suffered from several foot fractures and a fracture of her mandible.

Full-thickness burns were present to her “total body surface area” as well.

A post from an Autism Awareness blogger graciously tries to give Ron’Niveya back some humanity by focusing on her life prior to her horrid death.

For example, the writer says that she “loved eating Oreos and loved seeing her bus driver, and getting up and seeing her mommy and brother.”

Reading through her article will bring both sadness for losing a beautiful child and anger for the monster who killed her, her own father.

Yelling At The Jury

The thing most memorable about the Ronnie O'Neal case is the fact that he chose to represent himself in his murder trial. And he did exactly how you would expect. Terrible.

When you’ve watched TOOOO much Law & Order and think you can defend yourself.. Not a Great idea.. Just sayin.💎

— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) June 17, 2021

Ronnie O'Neal received 3 consecutive life term sentences plus 60 years. He escaped the chair and should feel lucky to waste away in a cell.

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