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Mother of four, Savannah Spurlock, found dead. Here’s what we know so far.

*Updated July 28th, 2019 – please post any corrections in the comment section and I will update, thx.


Well guys, here we have another tragic case.

Savannah Spurlock, 22, went missing on Jan. 5th, 2019 after leaving a Lexington, Kentucky bar with three men. Video surveillance shows Spurlock leaving The Other Bar, and she appears to be very intoxicated.

Her Facebook says she is a “Beautiful mother of four: Noah, Jace, Zuri, and Zane
Taken from earth home to Heaven too soon.”

Initially, Savannah went out with a girlfriend. All she wanted was to have a good night out; the first night out since she gave birth to her two youngest twins in December. Sadly, these children will have no memories of their mommy.

I have not confirmed how they knew each other if you know, please comment. David (driving separate in his pickup), the two other men, and Savannah then drive 40 miles (about an hour) to a property owned by the Sparks family where David was residing in Garrand County.

Savannah video calls her mother around 2:30 am saying that she is okay and she will be home in the morning.

Unbeknownst to Savannah, the mother of four will never see her family or children again.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]THE SEARCH FOR SAVANNAH BEGINS[/su_highlight]

Police released surveillance images of Savannah and the men she was with on January 8. If someone can figure out the names of the other two men, please post their names / social profiles in the comment section for me, and I will add it to the blog post.

Police searched the property, and the investigators seized David’s pickup.

On February 5, what would have been Savannah’s 23rd birthday, searches scour corn Kentucky cornfields and other areas near Garrand County.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]“I HEARD SCREAMS” BUT I COULDN’T WAKE MY DRUNK HUSBAND[/su_highlight]

Neighbors of David Sparks heard screaming coming from the home of the night of the murder.

One neighbor fired someone was in trouble, but could not wake her husband.

Why the F*CK didn’t the neighbors call the police baffles me.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]“RUMORS FLY THAT SAVANNAH DITCHED TOWN[/su_highlight]

Early in the investigation and before Savannah’s body was discovered naked, bound, and dumped near the storage shed, many starts speculating that maybe the mother of four left towns.

I did find two arrest citations for Savannah and pairing that with her appearing extremely drunk, we can speculate that she did have an alcohol problem.

Her mugshot and arrest bio claims police booked Savannah in Madison County, KY on dec. 21, 2018, for a DUI.


If this story isn’t awful enough already, the two other men who were with her that night recorded cell phone videos of Savannah performing sexual acts on them.

Reports also claim that one of these men were showing the videos at his work to co-workers.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]DAVID’S COUSIN, JASON SPARKS, TAKES TO THE INTERNET WITH NEAR ILLEGIBLE RANTS[/su_highlight]

Maybe these angry Facebook messages from the cousin can help put the personality of David Sparks into perspective.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]THE NEXT MORNING, DAVID TEXT HIS SISTER ASKING WHERE TO BUY A “NEW RUG”[/su_highlight]

“Hey, where did you get that rug? I’m going to get another one.”

Surveillance shows a receipt of purchase from Walmart the very next day.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]REMAINS FOUND BEHIND PARENTS HOME[/su_highlight]

Police uncovered the remains of Savannah at the home of David Sparks’ parents home when neighbors reported a “foul odor” coming from the property.

The Richmond County Police were notified of a “foul odor” and “possible human remains” emanating from the back of the resident. Ironically it was David Sparks father, Allen Sparks – a local pastor, who first informed the police of the odor.

Spurlock was found naked, bound with duct tape, and doubled over inside several garbage bags.

As of this time, her cause of death has not been determined by the medical examiner, or at least it isn’t public knowledge yet.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]SOMEBODY, PLEASE LOCK UP THIS MONSTER[/su_highlight]

This 23-year-old monster, Sparks was charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence.

We are still waiting for news on upcoming court dates.

There have been no charges, yet, issued to the two other men who may have been involved in Savannah’s murder.

[su_highlight background=”#fcff35″]HELP ME RESEARCH THIS CASE AND I’LL SHOUT YOU OUT ON THE FUTURE EPISODE[/su_highlight]

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  • She wasn’t initially taken to the house on Fall Lick Road…the house where her body was found buried in the yard…she was taken to David Sparks house on Price Court in Garrard County. Also, she rode to Garrard county in the backseat of a different vehicle, sitting between the other two men she left the bar with. David Sparks followed along in his truck, and they all proceeded to D. Sparks house on Price Court. Police found surveillance video from a neighbor’s home which showed Savannah enter the home, yet it never showed her leave the home. It did show, however, in the days following her disappearance, D. Sparks moving things out of the house. He moved back into his parents home after this incident…a farm on Fall Lick Road, which is about a 7 minute drive from his Price Court residence…and that is where her body was found 6 months later.

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