The Scissor Sisters Murder: Notes on Ireland’s most gruesome crime

After a sexual predator makes advances on her, a Dublin woman and her sister stab and dismember him with help from their enraged mother.

The Scissor Sisters Murder: Notes on Ireland’s most gruesome crime

A mother and her two daughters brutally killed a man and then dismembered his corpse

Sisters, Charlotte (left) and Linda Mulhall. Source

All four were heavily drinking and taking MDMA (ecstasy) before the murder

Victim Farah Noor. Source.
In the midst of the bloodbath, they continued to stab the victim up to 20 times before dragging his lifeless body into the bathroom and dismembering his remains with a kitchen knife and hammer – including his head, limbs and penis. The Daily Mirror

Charlotte and Linda Mulhall dismembered Noor’s body in the bathtub with a kitchen knife

The Royal Canal where torso was found. Source.

All three women were sent to prison

“Boils my blood no one will ever know the true story to what happened,” Nikita posted on Facebook. “If he was in prison and the three of them were in the ground, how much different would it have been?” - Linda’s daughter Nikita

Farah Noor was a child rapist and had a history of sexually abusing women

Under cross-examination the witness detailed more of the abuse she claimed she suffered at the hands of the deceased, and agreed she had fears that her son was being abused by him. She agreed she had been raped on numerous occasions and had had "very brutal sex" with the deceased at any time and anywhere he had wanted it. She said the mother of the two accused, Kathleen Mulhall, had contacted her on a number of occasions, making complaints about Mr Noor and seeking her advice. She suggested she should leave him.

Charlotte Mulhall may be released soon