The Disturbing Story of the Seattle Zombie Woman: Unraveled

The Disturbing Story of the Seattle Zombie Woman: Unraveled

"I'm NOT your lab rat!"

In May of 2021, a video surfaced online showing a disoriented woman walking through the streets of Seattle with a bloody and disfigured face. The video quickly went viral, and many were left wondering who the woman was and what had happened to her.

The video, which was initially shared on social media, sparked widespread concern and speculation about the woman's well-being. Many people believed that she was a victim of a zombie attack or that she was suffering from a drug overdose.

The police department has thanked the public for their concern and assistance in identifying the suspect. They also urge anyone who is experiencing domestic violence to seek help and support from their local resources.

If the Seattle Zombie Woman video was a hoax, then it seems that the police were not in on it. Despite the video going viral, there was no information available about the woman or the situation. Local news outlets in Seattle did not cover the incident, and it remained a mystery.


However, after over a year of investigation, one person, Rebecca MS, has uncovered some information that may solve the case. She found a social media page belonging to a woman named Kimberly Kassai, and one of the photos on the page shows Kassai wearing makeup that looks identical to the Seattle Zombie Woman. The caption on the photo reads "I'm not your lab rat".

Rebecca MS has also shared body cam footage from the incident and the officer's investigation.