103 | Butcher By Midnight

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Huge shoutout to our Talko Supremo Cassie for requesting this crazy story.


A serial killer, who became known as the Servant Girl Annihilator, preyed upon the city of Austin, Texas, during the years 1884 and 1885. This unknown bandit claimed the lives of 8 women – mostly servant girls – before his reign abruptly ended on New Years Eve 1886. Many people believe that this Midnight Assassin is also the infamous Jack The Ripper who terrorized the streets of London just two years later.

Sources used
Victims (murdered, not including just wounded)
  • Mollie Smith,25, murdered the night of December 30th, 1884. Her husband Walter Spencer was also seriously wounded after being struck with an axe.
  • Eliza Shelly, murdered on May 6, 1885.
  • Irene Cross, murdered on May 22, 1885
  • Mary Ramey,11, murdered on August 30, 1885. Her mother, Rebecca Ramey was seriously wounded, but survived the attack.
  • Gracie Vance, murdered on September 28, 1885
  • Susan Hancock, murdered on December 24, 1885
  • Eula Phillips, murdered on December 24, 1885 following the attack on Mrs. Hancock.


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