Shayna Hubers Sings Amazing Grace After Shooting Her Boyfriend In The Face

Published on October 27, 2018

When it comes to random acts of violence, the statistics largely lean towards men. Shayna Hubers, a young graduate student who was locked away for killing her boyfriend, shows that there is no true gender assignment to violence and treachery, even if the odds are stacked against it.

In this post, we will discuss this deranged murderer and the disturbing details of her attack on a man that she claimed to love.

Two Young Lovers

At the age of 21, Shayna Hubers and her boyfriend and victim, 29-year old Ryan Poston, met for the first time. After meeting online through social media, the two of them quickly hit it off.

While Hubers was eight years younger than Poston, she showed a natural proclivity for advancement and was already settled in a graduate program—a fact which is only one example of her intellect and commitment to education. Unfortunately, Hubers’ intellect would do her no good. Even from the start, her heart simply wasn’t in the right place. A darkness filled her.

As the two developed their relationship, things began to change. It was clear that they were head-over-heels for one another, but there seemed to be more to the story as more time passed. Fights begin to break out, and with time, Poston seemed to be less interested in the relationship. Their tumultuous time together began to lead him towards other avenues, a fact which many cite as the final straw for the deranged killer that Hubers proved herself to be.

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According to the police, Shayna Hubers shot Ryan Poston in cold blood. An autopsy would eventually reveal six shots in total, making it appear that the crime was anything other than accidental, but by this point, Hubers had already crafted her story. In her call to the police, she wasn’t calling to admit to murder. Instead, she called to report an incident of self-defense.

The Investigation

Hubers told police that Ryan Poston had attempted to harm her and began to detail out a daring incident between the two. Right from the start, Hubers began to incriminate herself in her own words. Yes, she had shot Ryan Poston multiple times.

While she claimed self-defense, she unintentionally admitted to the murder by telling police that she shot him a few more times because he wouldn’t stop twitching and she couldn’t bear to watch it.

By her own account, Ryan Poston had been alive when she decided to take his life into her own hands.

The more police questioned Hubers, the stranger the investigation became. Instead of appearing remorseful or wounded by her actions, Hubers seemed almost giddy after the event. In police custody, she did not shed a tear for her lost boyfriend or cry about what she had to do. She did not sit shell-shocked in silence.

Instead, she was cracking jokes, dancing, and even singing—actions that were far from what you would expect from a normal person.

Shayna Hubers Confesses To Murder, Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ At Police Station

Shayna Huber's Emotional Abuse

As part of her trial, Hubers and her lawyers began to increase the dramatics surrounding her story. In line with her deranged dancing, Hubers now claimed that she was deeply emotionally disturbed because of the horrific emotional abuse that Poston committed against her.

In court, she and her lawyer made the case with a certified expert that she was suffering from borderline personality disorder and PTSD—two facts which they related to her ongoing emotional abuse as well as a lack of sexual satisfaction.

Unfortunately for the lawyers of Hubers, she could not seem to keep her mouth shut. Before the crime, she repeatedly joked about shooting Poston and actually told a coworker that she was going to kill him—a fact which they no doubt laughed off only to be disturbed by the truth later. She even bragged about the emotional abuse trick to a cellmate in jail, making it almost too easy for her to be convicted.

When the case went to trial, it took very little time to find Hubers guilty of Poston’s murder—a fact which most rejoiced. Unfortunately, the ruling was overturned when it came to light that one of the jury members was actually a felon, which made the ruling illegal. Despite this, she has since been imprisoned and will be for several decades.

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