Stephen Port and His Dating Site Murders

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While history has held its fair share of monsters, it is always more disturbing to learn that someone has been doing it recently. Stephen Port, a serial rapist and murderer from England, is a shocking example of the modern murderer. Convicted in 2015, this deranged killer was known to have committed several grisly crimes and is one of many killers known for his time spent browsing the internet for his next victim. In this post, we will discuss how this killer stalked his victims and why he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The Internet Is Dangerous
Growing up, many of us spent time learning about internet predators—and Stephen Port more than fits the bill. Like many before him, he decided that the best way to find victims was to spend his time online. As a gay man, Stephen Port opted to use popular online sites like Grindr to reach unsuspecting victims. He preyed on his victim’s desires for love, companionship, and fun to draw them to him—a fact which makes the crimes that much more disturbing. Even worse, it seemed to work.

In total, Stephen Port has eleven confirmed victims—but there appears to be more to the story. Already, police are investigating nearly sixty other murder cases to determine if Stephen Port might be responsible. Unfortunately, for Port, he used a very specific trademark: a date rape drug.

His Crimes
For each of his known victims, Port used the same approach. He would connect with them on a popular dating site and set out to meet up with them. In many cases, he would find himself at his own home with these victims. Like many other serial rapists, Port used this opportunity to put a date rape drug in his victim’s drinks, rendering them defenseless in most cases.

As a serial rapist, it is a somewhat common approach to incapacitate the victims, but that isn’t all that Port did. He was not simply rendering them defenseless to take advantage of them. For each of his known victims, he gave them so much of the drug that they physically died from an overdose. In most cases, it was GHB, a known date rape drug. However, he also confessed to slipping other drugs, like Viagra, into his victims as well.

His known victims each died at Port’s home, which was an apartment. However, the bodies were not found in his flat. After the victims were killed, Stephen Port physically moved them to an old cemetery in hopes of getting away with it. In one case, he went so far as to leave a fake suicide note blaming one of the victims for the murder of the others. Fortunately, police were able to see through the lies in this case.

Almost Caught
One of Port’s victim was a young man by the name of Anthony Walgate. Like Port’s other victims, Anthony Walgate was drugged. However, for some reason, Port let him leave—at least that is what we are led to believe. Walgate was found outside of Port’s home after Port himself called the police to report a man who appeared to be very drunk on the street. Most disturbingly, Port received prison time for this call—not because he was linked to the murder, but because his story repeatedly changed. In the court’s view, he was inhibiting the law from an effective investigation. He was sentenced to eight months and released shortly after where he then proceeded to kill at least three more victims. Despite killing eleven men in total, Port wasn’t formally charged until 2016.

The Lies
It is clear that Stephen Port will tell any lie to protect himself. What is more shocking is that the courts nearly listened to him. Despite the long list of bodies behind him, the courts accepted his claim that he did not mean to kill them. However, given the fact that he knew it was possible after the earlier murders, he was charged with murder, as well as rape, all the same. It is unclear how anyone could look at the evidence surrounding these murders and continue to think that they were anything but intentional, but he is thankfully behind bars now.

The Sentence
Ultimately, Stephen Port will spend the rest of his life in prison for his crimes. He was a man who appeared to be normal on the outside and harbored a deep and deadly secret, serving as a reminder that we should all be wary of those around us. You simply never know who you might run into—even if you believe their intentions to be pure.

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September 27, 2018

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