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This week we discuss the Susan Smith case in Union, South Carolina. Smith is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after confessing to drowning her two children, three-year-old Michael, and 14-month-old Alexander. Smith’s initial story led police on a nine-day hunt for the children and a fictional car-jacker while the public watched and wept.

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The Case

Around 3:30 PM on October 25th, 1994, Susan Vaughn Smith leaves the parking lot at Conso Manufacturing company where she worked as a secretary. Susan was upset after her boyfriend Tom Findlay sent her a typed break-up letter. Read the breakup letter here.

After pulling up to a stop light at Monarch Mills Susan is carjacked by a black man wearing a flannel shirt and brandishing a pistol.

The carjacker refused to give Susan back her children, strapped in the back car seats, telling her that “he doesn’t have enough time”. Susan had two small children, Michael and Alex pictured below.

On November 3rd around 2pm the 9 day extensive search for Susan’s children ended with a hand-written confession letter.

Susan Smith drowned her two children in the John D. Long lake and she left them there for 9 days before confessing everything.

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