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The Head-Scratching Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall

College students, particularly young women, face a great many challenges when it comes to safety on campus. Even though colleges do a great job of convincing parents that their kids will be safe on campus, the fact is that some of them are not. On-campus violence can come in many different forms, but it is most commonly aimed at young women. Whether it is used as a stalking ground for predators, or other students are allowed on campus that shouldn’t be, young women have to go the extra mile to stay safe. Suzanne Lyall is one young college student who found that her campus was not as safe as she’d hoped.

Missing Suzanne Lyall family photos

A Bright Young Woman

Suzanne Lyall was a very intelligent young woman who was happy to go the extra mile when it came to working hard for her education. She was said to be quite independent and was known for her commitment to learning. She was always seeking the next big challenge and was willing to sacrifice to get there. So, how did such a sweet and committed young woman simply disappear off the face of the planet?

suzanne lyall state university college new york id

According to investigators, the last time that anyone saw Suzanne, she was on a bus. After leaving work, she followed her usual routine of hopping on the bus and heading over to her dorm. One of her friends claimed to see her when she got off the bus, and that was it. Suddenly, she disappeared without a trace. Despite the fact that the bus stop was close to her dorm, she never made it home, a fact which her roommates were able to confirm. At no point that night did Suzanne return home.

disappearance-of-suzanne-lyall location
Suzanne Lyall was last seen around this location in Albany, NY.


One of the more confusing aspects of Suzanne’s disappearance is that she reportedly used her debit card the following day to withdraw money. According to her boyfriend at the time, she only ever withdrew $20 at a time. It was a ritual of sorts. This was the amount of the ATM withdrawal that was carried out, making investigators wonder if it was Suzanne who made it. Still, it did not explain why a girl with everything going for her would withdraw $20 and make a run for it. At the time, she was quite low on money, but everything else was going her way. She had even declined money from her parents earlier that week, so she could have had more to make a break for it if that was her plan.

suzanne lyall missing teen photo

The Boyfriend

Suzanne’s boyfriend seemed to have all the answers for police when Suzanne went missing. He was quick to point out that she only withdrew that amount, and even let it slip that only he and Suzanne knew her debit card’s pin. According to Suzanne’s mother, Suzanne had repeatedly tried to end it with her boyfriend. However, it was brought up that every time the boy would get incredibly emotional and Suzanne would agree not to leave. It sounded far from healthy, but one of his friends gave him an alibi and claimed that they were playing video games. Despite the family’s belief that he was involved, police stopped looking into him fairly quickly.

The Stalker

One of Suzanne’s coworkers had talked to Suzanne about something relatively concerning prior to her disappearance. Apparently Suzanne believed that she had a stalker. It is unclear if this is actually a valid claim or if perhaps Suzanne was making a joke, but either way, it was without a doubt cause for concern as soon as she suddenly disappeared. It was, after all, possible that a stranger had taken her.

Nearby Criminals

In the area, there were many potential suspects that would not have known Suzanne personally. Several sex offenders and other criminals were charged in the area for crimes against young women. Though none of them were ever charged for Suzanne’s disappearance, investigators wonder if they might not have a role to play. A few of them were questioned regarding her disappearance, but no one ever had any information. It is as if someone appeared, scooped her up, and simply vanished.


New Laws

As a part of their recovery process, her parents have become very active in the fight against campus violence and abduction. One area of interest in particular involves pressing for a law that would make it even more illegal to attack someone on a college campus specifically. Their hope is that by adding more severe laws to protect students, the student themselves might be safer while getting their education.

suzanne lyall jewerly
Suzanne Lyall was last seen wearing the above jewerly, a black trench coat, black shirt, and blue jeans.

Still Missing

Despite a collection of potential suspects and theories, Suzanne was never located. Some believe that she skipped town, though nearly everyone who knows her doesn’t think that this is the case. Many other people continue to blame her boyfriend, wondering if his friend was covering up for him. Other theories have popped up over the years, but one thing is for certain, Suzanne’s disappearance is anything but natural.


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