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Jonathan Harker

The Night The House Bled, a true story.

Minnie Clyde Winston and her husband William live a typical and routine existence. The aging couple has been renting the house at 1114 Fountain Dr. SW, a conventional three-bedroom brick home, for the past twenty-two years. There have been no problems. On September 8th, 1987, Minnie fixed herself a cup...

Jonathan Harker

The Baffling True Story Of The Lead Mask Murders

The Lead Mask case has baffled true-crime fans and armchair sleuths for over 50 years now. On August 20th, 1966, police recover the bodies of two Brazilian television technicians deceased on the Morro Do Vintem hill in Rio de Janeiro. The autopsies showed no signs of violence and home-made lead...

Jonathan Harker

The Strange Case of Yuka Takaoka "Real-Life Yandere"

Known as a “real-life Yandere”, Yuka became famous for her jealousy that led to the near death of her boyfriend, Phoenix Luna. In a nutshell, Yuka discovered a photo of another woman on Phoenix’s phone and snapped, grabbing a kitchen knife and plunging it deep into her boyfriend’s...

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