The ‘Twitter Killer’ Takahiro Shiraishi Hacked Up His Victims And Stuffed Them In A Cooler

On October 31st, 2017, fittingly Halloween, local police search the small apartment inhabited by Takahiro Shiraishi. Discovered in the apartment, now dubbed the “house of horrors” were nine human heads and 240 bones stored in cooler boxes.

Shiraishi admitted to luring the women to his home where he would drug them, rob them, and rape them before killing them and dismembering their bodies.

Who Is Takahiro Shiraishi?

Shiraishi and his younger sister were raised by his parent in Zama, a city in central Japan. I couldn’t find much on the background of Shiraishi, such as his childhood life, previous relationships, but hopefully this information will become more available in the future.

After graduating highschool, Shiraishi worked several odd jobs including a position in a supermarket, between April 2009 and July 2011. Shiraishi quit his position at the supermarket and sought more work through a job placement agency, however failed to show up after the first day.

He then stated part-time work in a prostitution ring which operated in Shinjuku, which according to local media is in the Kabukicho district and “seedy”.

How He Became Known As The ‘Twitter Killer’

The 27-year-old killer admitted to the slayings of eight female victims and one male. Four of the victims were still teenagers. Shiraishi moved to a small flat in Zama, in Tokyo, and used the popular social media site Twitter to lure in victims.

His victims were suicidal and according to one victim’s tweet, “I’m looking for someone to die with me.” Under one of Shiraishi’s Twitter accounts he tweeted that “I want to forget everything.” and “I want to disappear,” casting himself as having similar suicidal thoughts as his targets.

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To mask the smell of the rotting corpses in his apartment, the Twitter Killer used cat litter by sprinkling it over the remains after “hacking the flesh off the bodies and throwing it out with the trash.”

How Was The Twitter Killer Caught?

From those ‘more familiar’ with the matter, rotting corpses have a distinct and putrid smell, which is why most serial killers want to distance themselves from them as quickly as possible. Shiraishi believed that he could mask this stench by sprinkling cat litter over the remains, but it proved him wrong when his neighbors reported a “nasty smell like sewage.”

According to the Japan Times, one resident claimed, “I thought it smelled like sewage. It was something I never smelled before.”

Sentenced to Die

Takahiro Shiraishi has pleaded guilty to the murders after police discovered the remains inside his flat, which were stashed inside coolers. For this reason, the now 30-year-old was sentenced to death by Judge Naokuni Yano, who described the murders as “extremely vicious in crime history.”


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