Halloween, 2017: the day when everyone is free to embrace their darkest fears. But for a 23-year-old woman, Aiko Tamura, that day held real terror, as she willingly stepped into the den of a man who promised her release from her torment.

Tamura had lost her mother months before, a devastation that drove her to express her suicidal thoughts on Twitter: “I want to die, but doing so alone is terrible. I’m looking for someone to die with me.” Little did she know that this heartbreaking plea would lead her straight into the hands of a predator.

When Tamura’s brother got her password and took over her Twitter account, he found a suicide pact his sister had made with a man just a few days prior, on October 24th, 2017. His efforts to find and alert the police about the man were in vain; CCTV footage showed his sister calmly walking with a young man, later identified as Takahiro Shiraishi, back to his apartment.

Shiraishi’s tiny apartment, room #205, held more than anyone could have predicted. As the police conducted a sting operation and arrived at his door, the macabre reality of what.. Continue reading.

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