48: Tara Grinstead, Bo Dukes, & Ryan Duke – The ‘Dukes’ Of Murder


CBS News – Tara Grinstead rare interview

Email from Tara to her stepmother, Connie Grinstead

Married Ocilla cop quizzed over potential affair with Tara Grinstead

Tifton Gazette School teacher missing

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3 thoughts on “48: Tara Grinstead, Bo Dukes, & Ryan Duke – The ‘Dukes’ Of Murder

  1. I (again) listened to this episode on my way to school. I thought it was odd that police are allowed to use a confession while someone may be under the influence of some sort of substance. Luckily I was on my way to my psychology and law class. So I asked my professor how it is legal to use a confession when someone may be under the influence of drugs. His response was the judges are very hesitant to dismiss a confession in court because they don’t want to look like their supporting the criminal. However, the defense is allowed to argue their opinion about how the confession is invalid in the actual trail/hearing. So that being said the confession can be thrown out or proven wrong in front of the jury. I hope that helps! 

    • Carina, that does help a lot. That makes sense about the judges not wanting to throw out the confession. Also, I wonder how the defense could prove that their client was on drugs at the time? It seems like anyone could say that they were under the influence after the fact.

      PS: I want to do your hometown murder this week, but I can’t find the story you requested anywhere.. Could you please submit a new topic in the Hometown murder forum and I’ll get to it ASAP?

  2. Very helpful!! Hopefully a defense attorney can argue that successfully – because in this case for Ryan, there isn’t anything else to go on other than Bo Dukes’ own confession. While worth something, it’s really a matter of Bo’s word against Ryan’s…. which definitely complicates the case. Ryan has been pretty silent aside from his under the influence confession, but Bo has gotten caught in the Up and Vanished firestorm, and now shows a convicted pattern of lying PLUS the details of what else came up from him about kidnapping and raping allegedly someone in his neighborhood. BUT Bo is also the one that comes from a lot of wealth in his family. It almost makes me wonder if Ryan is involved at all based on that pattern. I guess we’ll see what comes out in court.

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