The Chilling Case of Taylor Schabusiness: Obsession, Murder and Mutilation

The Chilling Case of Taylor Schabusiness: Obsession, Murder and Mutilation

“I watched his face turn purple. I didn’t stop.”

In the early morning hours of February 23, 2022, a gruesome discovery was made at a home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tara Pakanich called police after finding her son’s severed head in a bucket, covered by a shower towel. The mutilated remains of 24-year-old Shad Thyrion were scattered in Pakanich’s basement by his girlfriend, 25-year-old Taylor Schabusiness. According to the criminal complaint, when Officer Alex Wanish of the Green Bay Police Department arrived at the scene around 3:25am, he observed “a human head inside the bucket” and “what appeared to be dried blood on a nearby mattress.” Thyrion’s head and genitals were left in the bucket, while his torso, stuffed with his own foot, and chunks of flesh were found in the basement.


A Chilling Confession

During her interrogation, Schabusiness admitted the killing began as consensual choking during sex that went too far. “I just didn’t stop,” she told detectives. “I watched his face turn purple, he was coughing up blood, and he was pissing himself. I still didn’t stop.” She described feeling a thrill and rush as she strangled Thyrion with a dog chain.

“Have you ever loved something so much that you kill it?” Schabusiness asked. “I love it so much that I kill it.”After Thyrion died, Schabusiness said she “played” with his body for hours, cutting it up with knives from her mother’s kitchen. “I was sucking and cutting at the same time,” she revealed. “I grinded on it and put his dick in his ass. He was half hard while I was still sucking. I was doing it too well. I was sucking his dick while cutting his head off.” She had planned… continue reading...