There is a ‘Ted Bundy-like’ Serial Killer Mutilating Women In Tijuana

There is a ‘Ted Bundy-like’ Serial Killer Mutilating Women In Tijuana

Exhibits “violent and psychopathic behavior…” similar to “Ted Bundy.”

Nowhere in the popular limerick, “Tijuana, tequila, sex and marihuana”, does it mention being brutally sodomized, raped, murdered, and dumped. But perhaps we should append it.

Murder in Tijuana (Mexico’s Vegas) has outperformed the killing market for other Mexican cities for several years now; boasting a despicable 2,000 homicides each year. But a few recent murders don’t seem to fit into the normalcy of Tijuana’s killing piechart. That’s because law enforcement has attributed them to a “Ted Bundy-like” sexual deviant.

Mexican Police have teamed up with the F.B.I. to hunt a serial killer who has killed at least three, but probably more, women in Tijuana. Similar to Ted Bundy, which seems to have become America’s darling serial killer, this man (assumed) charms women, meets them in a private setting, and then unleashes hell.

“This subject has criminal tendencies associated with violent and psychopathic behavior,” said Baja California Attorney General Ricardo Ivan Carpio Sanchez. “His profile is very similar to someone who became very well known decades ago: Ted Bundy.”

Theodore Robert Bundy was a Zak Efron-looking lad who confessed to kidnapping, brutally raping, and murdering thirty women between 1974 and 1978. He was eventually caught and fried in Florida’s electric chair in 1989; crowds waiting outside wore shirts saying “Burn Bundy Burn.”

Luckily, Carpio claims that they already have a prime suspect and are using all available resources to capture him now.

“We are in communication and are coordinating with other institutions to locate and capture this individual,” Carpio said.

We don’t know how many this “Ted Bund-ejo” has racked up so far, but let’s hope his arrest is swift and goes down as smooth as Patrón.