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Dec. 24, 1946 – Eleanor Louis Cowell gives birth to Theodore Robert Corwell in Burlington, Vermont; it is widely speculated that Eleanor’s father was also the father of Ted. Soon after his birth, Eleanor moves her and Ted in with his grandparents. Ted is taught to believe that his mother is his sister and his grandparents are his actual parents.

1949 (age 3) – Ted’s aunt wakes up to catch him standing beside her bed grinning after placing multiple kitchen knifes next to her and facing her.

1950 (age 4) – Eleanor moves with Ted to Tacoma, Washington and changes the family name from Cowell to Nelson; the reasons for this sudden change are unknown.

May 19, 1951 (age 5) – Eleanor marrieds Johnnie Bundy and Ted takes his step-father’s last name.

1950’s (ages 5-14) – Ted’s stepfather Johnnie may have abused Ted during this time, but there is no evidence to prove this; it is known that Ted and Johnnie were never emotionally close.

1959 (age 13) – Ted is told he is illegitimate; Ted recalls this in later police interviews as being an extremely negative life-changing event.

Late 1950’s – 1960’s (ages 11-17) – Ted is suspected of multiple burglaries, but there were never any charges pressed against him.

Spring 1965 (age 18) – Ted graduates from Woodrow Wilson Highschool in Tacoma, Washington. Ted immediately began stealing regularly after his graduation.

Fall 1965 (age 18) – Ted enrolls at the University of Puget Sound for one year.

Fall 1966 (age 19) – Ted enrolls at University of Washington and attends classes until spring 1969.

Spring 1967 (age 20) – Ted meets Stephanie Brooks.

Fall 1968 (age 21) – Stephanie Brooks breaks off the relationship with Ted; his future victims will have a remarkable resemblance to Brooks.

Early 1969 (age 22) – visits birthplace and learns for certain that he is illegitimate.

Fall 1969 (age 22) – Red re-enters University of Washington where he meets his new girlfriend Liz Kendall. Liz would be with Ted throughout most of his murders.

1969 – Spring 1973 (age 22-26) – Ted Bundy graduates from the University of Washington with a degree in Psychology. Ted becomes very active in politics, serving under Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential campaign in 1968 and the successful reelection of Washington governor Dan Evans.

1973 (age 26) – During a business trip, Ted surprises his old girlfriend Stephanie Brooks; she becomes very impressed with his change of attitude and they began seeing each other regularly.

Jan. 5, 1974 (age 27) – Ted attacks Joni Lenz in her Seattle apartment; Bundy thought Joni was dead, but she survived his attack.

Feb. 2, 1974 (age 27) – Ted breaks things off with Stephanie Brooks as a revenge for her once leaving him years earlier; Brooks feels rejected and she never talks to Ted again.

Feb. 1, 1974 – Abducts Lynda Ann Healy from her basement bedroom in Seattle; her remains are never recovered.

Mar. 12, 1974 (age 27) – Abducts Donna Mason from the campus of Evergreen College

April 17, 1974 – Abducts Susan Rancourt from the Central Washington St. campus.

May 6, 1974 – Abducts Kathy Parks from the campus at Oregon St.

June 1, 1974 – Abducts Brenda Ball from Burien, Washington.

June 11, 1974 – Abducts Georgeann Hawkins from an alley just 40 feet away from her University of Washington sorority house.

June 17, 1974 – the remains of Brenda Baker’s body is found in Millerslyvania St. Park.

July 14, 1974 – without thousands of people at Lake Sammammish St. Park witnesses see Ted Bundy (not known at the time) luring eventual victims Janice Ott and Denise Naslund; Ted’s rouse was wearing his arm in a sling and asking for help loading his sailboat into his car.

Fall of 1974 – Ted Bundy enters the University of Utah Law School.

Sept. 07, 1974 – The remains of Denise Nasslund, Georgeann Hawkins, and Janice Ott are found nearly 2 miles away from Lake Sammammish St. Park.

Oct. 2, 1974 – abducts Nancy Wilcox

Oct. 18, 1974 – abducts Melissa Smith from Midvale, Utah; her remains are found in Summit Park near Salt Lake City.

Oct. 31, 1974 – abducts Laura Aimee from Lehi, Utah

Nov. 8, 1974 – attempts to abduct Carol DeRonch using the rouse of a police officer at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah; Carol fought for her life and escaped by jumping into a passing car.

Nov. 8, 1974 (hours later) – abducts Debby Kent in Bountiful, Utah.

Thanksgiving Day 1974 (age 28) – Laura Aimee’s remains are found.

Jan. 12, 1975 – abducts Caryn Campbell from hotel in Aspen, Colorado; her remains were discovered one month later near the hotel.

Mar. 3, 1975 – police find the skulls of Healy, Ball, Parks, and Rancourt near Taylor Mountain in Washington.

Aug. 16, 1975 – arrested for possession of burglary tools during a traffic stop in Salt Lake City; soon after his arrest Ted’s surviving victim Carol DeRonch identifies him in a lineup.

Mar. 1, 1976 – Ted Bundy is found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in the Carol DeRonch attack; Ted represents himself.

June 30, 1976 (age 29) – sentenced to one-to-fifteen years in prison

Oct. 22, 1976 – FBI files murder charges against Bundy in regards to the murders of Debbie Smith and Caryn Campbell; hairs were found in his Volkswagon and on the crowbar.

April 1977 – (age 30) – Ted Bundy is transferred to Garfield County jail in Colorado to stand trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell.

June 7, 1977 – Ted Bundy escapes out the second story window of Pitkin County Law Library in Colorado while preparing for his upcoming trial.



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