The Doodler Podcast

The Doodler Podcast attempts to uncover the true identity of a San Francisco serial killer active between 1974 and 1975. “The Doodler” as coined by news media targeted the LGBTQ+ community during a time when law enforcement, as well as the general public, were more unconcerned with the gay right movement. This laissez faire attitude led to mishaps in the investigation enventually turning the serial murder case cold. The Doodler podcast is produced by the San Francisco Chronicle and Ugly Duckling Films.

Who Was The Doodler?

In February of 2019, the San Francisco Police released a new age-progressed sketch of the potential killer and asked the public to come forward with leads. Poilce Inspector Dan Cunningham, who had been re-examining the case, organized a $100,000 reward in an effort to generate new tips.

The Doodler is thought to be an African-American male who targeted gay white men visiting diners and bars. His moniker, The Doodler, was coined for his M.O. of luring in his victims by drawing their faces as they sat nearby.

This ruse would open a line of conversation and allow the killer to invite his victims elsewhere for sex. During, or after intercourse, the killer would attack his victims with a knife and leave the bodies along the Golden Gate Park or Ocean Beach.

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