Todd Kohlhepp, Real Estate Agent Turned Serial Killer, Loved Chaining Victims

Published on July 28, 2018

There are some criminals who commit a single crime just once, and then there are criminals who commit multiple crimes and continue to escalate no matter how they are punished. Todd Kohlhepp is a shocking killer who started out as an evil seed and was eventually considered beyond rehabilitation. In his own words, he killed more people than you could count on your fingers.

Most shockingly, he didn’t seem ashamed in the least. This terrifying criminal committed many terrible crimes, but he was also successful despite this. In this article, we will discuss what made it possible.
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As a young man, Todd Kohlhepp was a problem child from the start. He was an angry and aggressive child, often hurting the kids around him and acting out. In fact, his actions were so severe that he ultimately found himself institutionalized for over three months because he was too out of control. Like many other psychopaths, Todd Kohlhepp had an above average IQ, but his penchant for violence did not seem to have time for him to excel academically as a child. One of the more disturbing elements of Todd’s childhood was his concerning interest in harming animals. Many incidents have surfaced surrounding his habits of hurting pets. This is considered one of the elements of the “serial killer trifecta” and is generally considered being a huge indicator of violence later in life. Even so, this individual in particular seemed to really expedite the process. While most serial killers give in to their darker tendencies much later in life, Todd Kohlhepp showed that he was willing to give over to his darkest desires at a very early age. Eventually, his coworkers and other people who knew him would remark upon his obvious obsession with pornography.

Kohlhepp's mom talks about his childhood anger, rape

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At the young age of fifteen, Todd was charged for kidnapping, sexual assault, and violence against a minor. Though he showed a trend in harming animals and had hurt some other kids, the degree of malevolence with this crime was horrific, particularly for his age. According to his fourteen-year-old victim, Todd held her at gunpoint and forced her into his home. As soon as he had her inside, he was said to have tied her up and put tape over her mouth so she could not scream. Todd raped the young girl, then walked her home with promises to harm her younger siblings if she were to tell anyone what he had done. Fortunately, his brave victim did tell her parents and he was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in prison for the encounter and forced to register as a sex offender. Though you might assume that this would be the end of his crimes, it wasn’t. Todd was released after fourteen years and returned home, quickly going to college. He started a new career in tech and was able to start rebuilding his life before he switched his career path to the real estate industry, where he also excelled.

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In 2016, a young couple who had been hired to do some work on Kohlhepp’s property ended up going missing. A police search would later reveal the missing man’s body, riddled with bullet holes. Police continued to search and ended up finding the missing woman tied up in a shipping crate. For Todd Kohlhepp, this was the beginning of the end. He immediately confessed to a wide range of crimes. Over the years, Kohlhepp had reportedly killed many workers on his property. He had also killed a group of individuals in a motorcycle shop after an altercation with them when they refused to let him sell his motorcycle back. In all the murders, there was a common theme that the people had offended or embarrassed him in some way. Off the record, he also admitted to murdering several other people in other states. We will never truly know the full extent of his crimes unless he opens up about it later.


Todd Kohlhepp was sentenced for a wide range of crimes including kidnapping, murder, and sexual assault. Though he narrowly dodged capital punishment by making a deal with the court, he will without question die in prison. Considering the fact that fourteen years did not straighten him out the first time, it is a comfort to everyone that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Some people, it seems have an unquenchable thirst for violence. It is safer for everyone that he will never walk free again.

Todd Kohlhepp talks to invesigators after his arrest on Nov. 11, 2016. Video 1 of 2.

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