The Strange Death of Feces-Covered Man Found Down Women’s Toilet

“Surprised, I went around to the outside sump and the lid was open, and when I looked inside, I could see human legs.” — Teacher who found man’s corpse down toilet


In the realm of true crime, some cases remain etched in our collective memory due to their inexplicable nature. One such enigma is the death of Naoyuki Kanno, a young Japanese man whose lifeless body was discovered in a septic tank in Miyakoji Village, Tamura County, Fukushima Prefecture.

The circumstances surrounding his demise have baffled investigators and sparked numerous theories, from the mundane to the politically charged.

The Discovery

On the evening of February 28, 1989, a 23-year-old female teacher, residing in a house adjacent to the elementary school in Miyakoji Village, made a startling discovery. As she entered her bathroom, she noticed what appeared to be a shoe in the tank.

The septic system where Kanno was found. Source.

“When I go home to the teacher’s house next to the elementary school where I live, I go into the bathroom and casually look inside and see something that looks like a shoe.” — 23-year-old female teacher who made the discovery.

Alarmed, she ventured outside to inspect the external sump, only to find the lid open and human legs protruding from within. The authorities were promptly notified, setting in motion an investigation that would leave more questions than answers.

The Victim: Naoyuki Kanno

Naoyuki Kanno, a 26-year-old resident of Miyakoji Village, had gone missing on February 24, four days prior to the discovery of his body.

Naoyuki Kanno. Source.

Autopsy results indicated that he had likely perished on February 26, succumbing to freezing temperatures and thoracic circulatory failure. Strangely, despite the frigid weather, Kanno’s body was found shirtless, with his jacket tightly clenched to his chest.

“The dead man’s body was naked even though it was winter. Folded up and clenched tightly to his chest was a sportswear jacket with hood attached.” — Detailing the state of Naoyuki Kanno’s body.

Minor scrapes on his knees and elbows were the only visible signs of injury, suggesting a lack of struggle or foul play.

The Unanswered Questions

Several peculiarities surrounding Kanno’s death have perplexed investigators and fueled speculation. How did Kanno end up inside the septic tank?

Was he placed there after death, given the absence of injuries and his neatly folded jacket? The fact that one of his shoes was discovered miles away in a water-filled ravine adds another layer of mystery. These questions, along with the absence of a discernible motive, have generated numerous theories regarding the circumstances leading to Kanno’s demise.

Theories and Speculations:

  1. The Peeper: One theory posits that Kanno may have been an unwitting victim of a peeping incident gone awry. Perhaps he stumbled upon someone engaged in illicit activities and was subsequently targeted to keep him silent.
  2. Substance Influence: Another possibility suggests that Kanno may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which could explain his presence in the septic tank. Speculation of “claustrophilia,” a sexual attraction to enclosed spaces, has also emerged, albeit without concrete evidence to support the claim.
  3. Political Assassination: In the weeks leading up to his death, Kanno had expressed opposition to a mayoral candidate due to his involvement in vote-buying. Additionally, Kanno was an opponent of nuclear power, a contentious issue in the region. Some theorists argue that Kanno may have become a target for political or pro-nuclear factions, silenced to prevent his revelations from derailing their agendas.
  4. Nuclear Power Cover-Up: Another theory intertwines Kanno’s death with an alleged cover-up in the nuclear industry. Reports indicate that Kanno and a coworker had discovered potentially dangerous anomalies within the reactors. Shortly after reporting this, the coworker died in a suspicious incident, followed by a nuclear leak. The suggestion is that Kanno and his coworker stumbled upon information that threatened the nuclear program and paid the ultimate price for their knowledge.
  5. Involvement of the Teacher: Another intriguing angle revolves around the teacher who made the initial discovery. This teacher, who was about to marry a man named Watanabe, happened to have a connection with Naoyuki Kanno. Not only did Kanno know the teacher well, but he was also providing assistance to her. Prior to his death, the teacher had been receiving anonymous and unsettling phone calls. It raises questions about why she ventured to the outside septic tank in the dark, where Kanno’s body was eventually found.

“Who looks in the toilet at dark? And she went to the outside septic tank to look in??” — Pondering the mysterious actions of the teacher in relation to the case.


The case of Naoyuki Kanno’s death remains shrouded in mystery, captivating the minds of true crime enthusiasts for decades. The circumstances surrounding his discovery in a septic tank, coupled with the absence of a clear motive, have fueled numerous theories and speculations.

From the possibility of being a victim of peeping or substance influence to political assassination and a potential nuclear power cover-up, each theory offers a glimpse into the labyrinthine nature of this perplexing case. As the investigation continues, the quest for answers and justice remains ongoing, ensuring that the enigma surrounding Naoyuki Kanno’s death will persist in true crime discussions for years to come.