Lesbian Vampire Killer Feasted On Victim’s Blood Like “Shark Frenzy”

Lesbian Vampire Killer Feasted On Victim’s Blood Like “Shark Frenzy”

Edward Baldock, 47, hadn’t been as drunk as he was Friday night, October 20, 1989, since he was a teenager. His BAC (blood alcohol content) was registered at a whopping .31 by the medical examiner who processed his cold-dead body.

Edward Baldock, 47, deceased. Source.

Before his head became “nearly severed” from the fifteen or more stabbings, he was seen leaning on a lamppost, trying to make it home to his wife. Baldock had let his inhibitions sink while the alcohol in his blood continued to rise. He had had a terrible week and just wanted to get really drunk this night — most of us have been there before.

The four women who pried him off of the lamppost and helped him into the backseat had nothing but horrible intentions. They didn’t care that Edward needed to get home to his wife, nor would they care if they knew he was a father of five or a doting grandfather. Not one of the four women: Tracey Ann Waugh, 24, Tracey Wigginton, 25, Lisa Ptaschinski, 24, Kim Jervis, 25, wanted him sexually either; they were all gay and had just left a “seedy” lesbian bar only twenty minutes prior.

Edward Baldock, 47. Source.

The five drove into the Orleigh Park, a beautiful recreational park that hugs the Brisbane River, and in 1989, would have been private around 1am.

Tracey Wigginton would later tell police that she asked Edward if he “wanted a good time”, which he consented to. However, his idea of a good time differed greatly from what Wigginton had in mind. Still, Edward Baldock undressed down to his socks and waited on his date to do the same. That’s when Tracey Wigginton reached for the small-bladed knife inside her back pocket.

“I walked around him. I took my knife out of my back pocket. I said nothing and stabbed him.” Tracey Wigginton’s confession to the police.

At this point, Edward knew he was in an extremely dire situation. However, still inebriated and now bleeding from his neck, couldn’t do much of anything but squirm.

Edward Baldock, deceased. Source.
“I stabbed him on the other side of the neck and I continuously stabbed him. I grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back, stabbing him in the front of the throat. At that stage he was alive.” Tracey Wigginton’s confession to police.


Tracey Wigginton didn’t always have the blood lust that she did the night she brutally murdered Edward Baldock. In fact, seeing childhood photos of Wigginton, one could never expect the girl in the photo could be capable of such a devilish act.

Tracey Wigginton. Source.

Viewing the Wigginton family from the outside, it would seem like they were living a normal, and even privileged lifestyle. The family was wealthy, but hid some dark and terrible secrets. Tracey’s grandfather, who was the source of the family's prosperity, had taken an unhealthy interest in his granddaughter when she had turned eight-years-old. After her arrest, Tracey would later claim that her grandfather molested and raped her until she was eleven. Multiple psychiatrist that diagnosed Tracey could also see a history of molestation in her past and were “unanimous in their belief that this was the real deal.”

Tracey Wigginton as teenager. Source.

Living each day as a pre-pubescent girl in an abusive and disjointed household, Tracey developed her own defenses, although not socially acceptable by her peers or teachers. Tracey’s “strange behaviour” escalated in school, and they labeled her an “aggressive lesbian.” The culmination resulted in her expulsion after the faculty caught her “molesting other pupils.” Tracey Wigginton’s life was breaking apart even before her teenage years.

When she hit adulthood, Tracey bounced around from job to job, as well as with female companion relationships. Tracey found work bouncing in a gay nightclub, and seem to do pretty well at it, however like everything in her life, the job was short-lived.

While working there, she decided she wanted a baby and found that the club owner, and her employer, would be the perfect father. So she and the club owner “had sex in front of six friends. She became pregnant, but miscarried.” Perhaps the baby, had it not been stillborn, could've saved both Tracey Wigginton and Edward Baldock. But it was never meant to be, and soon after, she met the three girls whom she would commit the ultimate crime with.


Defense lawyers of the other three accomplices would later argue that their clients didn’t believe that Wigginton was serious about finding a victim to slaughter, and they believed it was an “elaborate joke.” Even if true, they still played a part in luring Baldock inside the vehicle and were also witnesses to a terrible blood-letting that occurred after doing so. They had front row seats in watching Tracey as she “stabbed him in the back of the neck again and again,” and even how she “cut the nerves” and how she “sat and watched him die.”

The women saw the fountain that became of the dying man’s neck and the “blood gurgling from Baldock’s almost severed head.”

Wigginton told detectives in 1989, that she stabbed him first in the back of the neck, “Hard enough to drive the knife up to the hilt. I then withdrew the knife and I stabbed him in the side of the neck… I stabbed him in the other side of the neck and I continuously stabbed him.”

And, if the scene couldn’t possibly become more twisted, vile, and deranged, it did. As Baldock’s blood soaked into the finely manicured grass, Tracey Wigginton did something unfathomable. She began drinking, or to use the terms of the other girls — “feasting” on the warm crimson flow.

Lisa Ptaschinski. Source.
Lisa Ptaschinski told detectives in 1989, “I knew she was going to kill him, but I couldn’t stop her.” “Because of her craving, her craving for blood. Have you ever seen a shark frenzy, a feeding frenzy?”

Kim Jervis, who watched the massacre from the car, said that Wigginton looked “like a person would look if they had just sat down to a three-course dinner.”

Let The Right One In

Tracey Waugh had pleaded innocent and, along with Kim Jervis and Lisa Ptaschinski, claimed that Wigginton had used her “occult powers” to control the group. The three had all been close but had only known Tracey Wigginton for a little over a week before the murder of Edward Baldock. Kim Jervis was the ringleader of the group at one point, but then Tracey Wigginton broke her “protective” crucifix, leaving her powerless to defend herself from Tracey’s “mind power.”

Tracey Waugh, Kim Jervis, and Lisa Ptaschinski. Source.
“Tracey has mind power,” said Tracey Waugh, “You can’t stop yourself from doing what she tells you to do.”

“Kim had worn a cross on a chain around her neck and the chain had broken and once that broke she didn’t get it fixed, didn’t put it back on. Thats when Tracey started talking to Kim like she did on Monday night. Once that cross came off, Kim didn’t have any protection.”

Shortly before the murder, Lisa Ptaschinski became Tracey Wigginton’s live-in lover. They decorated their flat in Brisbane with Polaroids of cemeteries, and in the center of the living room they featured a “stolen headstone”.

Stolen tombstone and graveyard photos. Source.

It was during their brief time together that Lisa learned the truth about Wigginton; that she needed human blood to survive.

“I can’t eat solid foods. I need blood to survive on”, Wigginton told Ptaschinski. For a while, Wigginton subsisted off the blood of her lover, but due to Lisa’s “weak heart,” she needed to find another suitable source.

From The People newspaper May 1st, 1994, “As they lay in bed together Wigginton complained she was hungry. To please her, Ptaschinski used a tourniquet to pump up the veins in her arm, then nicked her wrist so that Wiggington could suck her blood.” Ptaschinski said later: “She dominated me more than anyone has in my life. She had some sort of inner power.”

Two early morning walkers found Edward Baldock’s lifeless body facedown. Inside his left loafer was a credit card with Tracey Wigginton’s name printed on the front. Police surmised Wigginton must have dropped the card, and Edward — thinking it was his — picked it up and tucked it in his own shoe.

“I’m Back”

Although given a life sentence, Tracey Wigginton stepped out of a jail cell in 2012, after serving twenty-three years in prison. Despite “lying to the parole board,” they released her back into the world. She lives in Tamborine, Australia under her new name “Oberon Fairchild.”

Tracey Wigginton now. Source.

In 2019, a reporter from 9News found her Facebook page, on which she had been posting photos of human skulls, a meme that says “I’m Back”, and all kinds of other devilish and vampire-themed junk.

As Ann Rice, author of Interview With A Vampire once wrote, “None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.”