Jon Perry

Hey y'all I'm the main story teller on our podcast episodes. You can suggest stories for me to cover by leaving a comment on any post on this site, which I will see and respond to. If you want to listen and subscribe to the podcast just search Talk Murder To Me in any podcasting app. Thanks for reading, please share!

  • Brittany Swanberg says:

    Hold on! HAHA self-defecating humor…. instead of self-deprecating. Y’all make me laugh so hard. Can’t wait to be a guest on this show

  • Brittany Swanberg says:

    Which one- self-defecating or the full-moon mania?

    • Jon Perry says:

      The self-defecating. Jen ALWAYS says she has “self-deprecating” humor and I literally always follow back with the defecating line. She hates it.  

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